Embroidered and embellished pants are a hot trend for fall 2012. This Printed Pants DIY is fun way to make your own.

Printed Pants DIY Feature


If you havent tried silkscreen before, this is a simple introduction, without all the mess and equipment.

Supplies to make your Printed Leggings DIY:

Printed Pants DIY SuppliesPrinted Pants DIY Inspiration
step 1
Layout your pants on a smooth hard surface, if necessary press your pants first. Its very important to make sure you are printing on a smooth flat fabric to get the best results.

Decide where you want to place your adhesive silkscreen, peel off the backing and place them on top of your leggings.

Make sure to smooth out any bubbles.

TIP: Before printing, you’ll want to put a piece of cardboard inside your pants to keep any paint from bleeding through.

step 2
Spread a small amount of your fabric paint across the top of your adhesive silkscreen image.

Using your squeegee drag it over your image pulling the paint across.

Make sure to hold your screen in place with one hand as you spread your paint with your squeegee, they can slip and this will really mess up your image.

Do this a couple of times to make sure you have completely printed your image.

step 3
Carefully lift your adhesive silkscreen off your pants and move it to another area and repeat steps 1 & 2.

Continue with steps 1, 2 & 3 until you have completed your design.

Let your paint dry.

TIP: Rinse out your screens between use, if you are going to print the same image in more than one place. This will help to keep your printed images clean and sharp.Printed Pants DIY Screenprinting

step 4
Once your paint has dried you can add your Liquid Gilding.

Take a small paint brush and make light sweeping strokes across your design, just enough to add a little dimension.Printed Pants DIY Painted

step 5
If you choose to put bugle beads on your pants after your screen printing dries, you can now lay out your beads and decide on their placement.

Place a small drop of your Jewel-it glue on the spot where you want your beads to be.

Set your beads on top of the glue and press it down. The glue may squish out a little, it will dry clear.Printed Pants DIY Close UpPrinted Pants DIY Photo

Im seriously head over heels with all of the embellishments for fall clothing. Balmain is my absolute favorite this season. They have so many beautiful fabric treatments, embroideries and embellishments. Im determined to try as many as possible this fall.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. How beautiful, I want to look into these silk screens now.

    • Thanks Tanya,
      They’re really simple to use.

    • Thanks Silvia!
      I’d love to see them when you’re done!

  2. so nice ……….. You are really creative woman


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