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The Perfect 5 minute DIY Bracelet

DIY Fabric Bracelets by Trinkets in Bloom

I am totally in love with upcycled jewelry and the idea of using up scraps and leftover embellishments to make something really fabulous. I made these DIY Bracelets in about 5 minutes with some fabric scraps I had and some simple metal bangles I found at a craft store. I love their bohemian feel and they mix perfectly with other bracelets.

DIY Fabric Bracelets wrappedDIY Fabric Bracelets by Trinkets in Bloom

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Bangles
  • Fabric scraps
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

Check out my Amazon shop for links to all supplies.

DIY Fabric Bracelets supplies
step 1
Cut a long strip of your fabric about 1 inch wide and about 18 inches.DIY Fabric Bracelets cut fabric

step 2
Wrap the end of your fabric strip around one side of your bangle and secure it with glue.DIY Fabric Bracelets wrapping

step 3
Wrap your fabric around the bangle.

step 4
When you get to the other end, secure it with glue.DIY Fabric Bracelets wrapped

step 5
Rip your fabric strip into 2, 3, or 4 strips, depending on how wide your fabric is and how well it rips.FABRIC-BRACELETS-TEARING

step 6
Take each strip and tie it around the opposite side of your bangle, secure with glue.DIY Fabric Bracelets tied

Trim your ends.DIY Fabric Bracelets by Trinkets in Bloom

For these bracelets you can mix up all different colors and patterns of fabric to make a really cool stack of bangles. With the holidays right around the corner they would also make great gifts for your besties! Have fun making! xoxo Cathy


  1. Jennifer Penner

    Love this, I wonder if you could tie a charm on each one of the last three strips and let them dangle? Have to be shorter, so they’re not in the way. Might be cute.

  2. Where did you find the bangles? I have never seen any with the fastener and I love it!!!!


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