Its important to have an elegant top that can work from the office to the evening. This DIY T Shirt with Paillettes is just that top. Dressed down under a jacket for day and with gorgeous bracelets, a skirt or skinny pants and heels for evening.

A DIY T Shirt with Paillettes,
is classic and elegant.

DIY T Shirt with Paillettes Feature


Supplies to make your DIY T Shirt with Paillettes:

  • 1 T Shirt – I used one from H & M with a sheer top
  • 1 Package of Paillettes – I got mine at M & J Trimming
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

DIY T Shirt with Paillettes Supplies
My inspiration.DIY T Shirt with Paillettes Inspiration
step 1
Lay your t shirt out flat and decide where you want to sew your paillettes.

I recommend not putting them all the way to the side seam. They are plastic and may either irritate your arm or just get in the way (which is irritating too). I left a inch or two of space between my first paillette and my side seam.

step 2
Take your needle and thread and your first paillette. Place your paillette where you want it on your shirt and holding it with one hand carefully sew through the hole in the top of your paillette (coming from the back, keep all your knots in the back).

Sew through the top of your paillette at least twice before going on to your next one.

Theres no need to sew through them too many times, twice is enough.

step 3
As you add your paillettes to your shirt, be sure to overlap them about a quarter inch. This will keep you from having any gaps in between your paillettes.

When you are finished with your first row and ready to start your second row, make sure you place your paillettes overlapping your second row on top of your first.

Work in rows evenly across your shirt.

Continue this way until your entire area is covered with paillettes.DIY T Shirt with Paillettes How To

I really love paillettes! You get to feel like a mermaid or a go go dancer from the 60s, theyre awesome!DIY T Shirt with Paillettes CLose Up

I love the classic simplicity of this top, its just a basic sleeveless t shirt but with the addition of the paillettes, it can be an elegant top for evening or just add a bit of sparkle under a jacket.DIY T Shirt with Paillettes Long ShotDIY T Shirt with Paillettes

While I went with basic black for this project you could use any color or colors you like. White or cream would be gorgeous! Or, you could use a contrast color of paillettes! That could be really fun!

Let me know what you come up with, Id love to hear!


  1. love it, it looks so dressy! I’m pinning it and hope I ever find the time to make one! wouldn’t it look great on a LBD as well?

  2. Looks amazing, doesnt look like a DIY at all! Awesome job

  3. What a great Tute! I just bought a sewing pattern with a front yoke that this would work perfectly on.

  4. i loooove all your work thx.and great job !!!

  5. how many paillettes did you use

      • oh golly! I was hoping to make Paillette robes for my best friend’s bridal robes. That could get expensive and time consuming. :P

        • Hi Kurt,
          You’re right that would be very time consuming and expensive. You could also try an embellished fabric, that might give you a similar look. Best of luck!


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