Ok, so Id be lying if I said I wasnt inspired to make this DIY project by Pradas embellished tops and clothing. But who isnt? They’re amazing! The second I saw this Prada top my brain started thinking of ways to make it.

What resulted is this DIY project to make a Prada inspired Embellished T Shirt.

Prada Inspired Embellished T Shirt DIY


What youll need to make your Embellished T Shirt:

  • 1 Crew neck T Shirt – one that fits a bit snug, you dont want it too loose. Mine’s from Old Navy.
  • 1 package plastic bone rings.I found mine at Joann’s.
  • Paillettes – local bead stores usually carry them.
  • Large black stones, round and oval
  • Small clear rhinestones
  • Small beads – I used “E” beads (6/0)
  • Safety pins
  • Jewel-it glue I found mine at Joann’s.
  • Pearl cotton
  • Size B crochet hook
  • Larger needle for sewing the pearl cotton
  • Sewing needle
  • White thread
  • Black thread
  • Scissors

Supplies to make An Embellished T Shirt
Step 1
Take your plastic bone rings, your crochet hook and your pearl cotton. You will single crochet around each of your plastic bone rings. Do not tie in your ends.

Step 2
Once you have crocheted around all of your plastic bone rings, you will attach one paillette to each ring. You will do this with your larger needle and your tail ends of your pearl cotton (the ends that are hanging after your crochet).
Run your needle and pearl cotton through the hole in the paillette and around the crocheted plastic ring, do this about 3 times.
When you are finished run your needle back through your wrapping and cut your ends, leaving about a half inch tail. Glue these tails to the back of your ring, this will keep them from coming undone.

Step 3
Attach 5 safety pins to the top of your crocheted rings.How to Make an Embellished T Shirt

Step 4
Measure and mark your T Shirt to place your large stones. Mine were about 8 inches wide and each row was 2.5 inches apart. Be sure to put a piece of paper or cardboard inside your shirt before you start gluing.The Jewel-it glue will soak through your shirt.

Step 5
Place a dot of glue onto your T Shirt where you want your stones to be. Place the stones on top and press them into the glue. The glue will squish up around the stone, dont worry it will dry clear, but its best to not over do it by using too much glue.

Step 6
While the glue is still wet place your crocheted ring around your round stones. The glue will help to hold them in place.

Step 7
Next you will glue the rhinestones to your shirt around your crocheted rings. I used a toothpick to put the glue on the shirt, otherwise it was hard to control and there was too much glue. According to the directions on the glue it says to wait 10 minutes after applying the glue before adding the stones if they are glass or crystal. So I put all the glue dots on the shirt before I added any rhinestones. As with the larger stones, press each rhinestone into the glue.
You will need to wait a few hours for your glue to dry before continuing. The glue is a bit runny and your stones will move easily.Embellished T Shirts DIY Instructions

Step 8
Open your safety pins and pin them to your shirt.

Step 9
Take your needle and white thread and sew your crocheted rings to your shirt. Your crocheted rings should be glued to your shirt from the excess glue from around your large stones, so you only need to do a few stitches around your rings just to tack them to your T Shirt.

Step 10
Using your needle and black thread sew your beads to your T Shirt in between your rhinestones.DIY Project Embellished T ShirtEmbellished T Shirt DIY ProjectDIY Embellished T Shirt Project

Between gluing and sewing this project, it should be very secure. Youll want to take your time and make sure all your embellishments are securely attached. That way with proper care youll get to enjoy it for a long time.
Make sure you follow all the instructions on the glue label as far as washing and I recommend you either carefully hand wash or dry clean your Embellished T Shirt. You may not have paid Prada prices but you definitely put your time into it and you dont want anything to happen to it.
The best part about an embellished T Shirt is that you can really dress it up or down. You could easily wear this T Shirt with a pencil skirt and heels to work or with ripped jeans for a casual weekend look.

Let me know what you think and I want to hear how yours turned out!


  1. I want to see the Prada t shirt that you were inspired by. Thanks :)

  2. I like the t-shirt, just wondering how you wash it?


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