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Patched Denim Trend Inspiration

4 years ago

Patched Denim Trend Inspiration by Trinkets in Bloom

Patched denim is a fun trend for fall that you definitely don’t want to miss, it’s easy to wear and looks best a bit dressed up. Whether you want to add patches or rip off your pockets, designers are showing many different versions of this trend for fall, the choice is yours.


6 years ago

Create cozy winter looks with Wolford Tights. For some reason when it gets cold or rainy I decide I want to wear skirts or dresses. Go figure! These tights from Wolford in their Winter Soft Logic will help to keep your legs warm without having to totally cover up.

Wolford Tights Worn 3 Ways by Trinkets in Bloom


6 years ago

Inspired by the Lanvin word necklaces from fall, this Love T-Shirt DIY is perfect for Valentines Day.

DIY Love T-Shirt Feature by Trinkets in BloomWith delicate gold stitching in the background adding subtle detail and extra sparkle!