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Lately Ive become a big fan of owls, Im not sure exactly why, but they keep popping up everywhere. This Owl Sweater DIY is a great way to take a plain sweater and make it on trend for fall with an embellished owl.

Owl Sweater DIY Feature


Supplies to Make Your Owl Sweater DIY:

Owl Sweater DIY Supplies
Owl Sweater DIY Inspiration Book

step 1

Download your owl image or draw/print out your own.

Lay your sweater out on a hard flat surface and put a heavy paper or cardboard inside your sweater to prevent paint and glue leaking through.

step 2

I used the Martha Stewart transfer paper, however, it didn’t really transfer the image the way I hoped onto the sweater. The transfer paper does work great on paper or hard surfaces.

That said, I still tried to use it, heres what I did:

  • I laid the transfer paper out on top of my sweater.
  • Taped my image on top of the transfer paper.
  • Using a pencil I traced over my image, pressing hard.
  • Then (after finding out that I could see my image on the transfer paper but not of my sweater) I took a fine point sharpie and punched holes through the transfer paper, making a dotted outline of my image on my sweater.

Owl Sweater DIY Transfer
step 3

Then take your fabric marker and trace/draw the outline of your image on your sweater.

step 4

Take your light green (granny smith) paint and paint in the centers of your owls eyes.

Paint the outer ring around your owls eyes purple yam.

Paint your owls beak orange (carrot).

Paint the big “V” on your owls head and the stripes on the wings with your black fabric paint.

Let your paint dry.

Owl Sweater DIY Painting

step 5

Take your Aleene’s Jewel-it glue and put glue all the way around the outer area (on the purple) around your owls eyes.

Then sprinkle your bugle beads on top of the glue.

Do this for both eyes and the beak.

Owl Sweater DIY Adding BeadsOwl Sweater DIY Finished Design
Owl Sweater DIY Watercolor IllustrationOwl Sweater DIY PhotoOwl Sweater DIY Detail

Leave it to Burberry to make an owl sweater cool. All those gifts of animal sweaters from Grandma that went straight to the back of your closet are so jealous of this Owl Sweater DIY, that Im sure will become a favorite of yours this fall.

Once I got the transferring figured out on this project it went really fast and it was a lot of fun too. I was really excited about the way this turned out.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

All Martha Stewart products c/o of Plaid.


    • Thanks Stephanie!
      I knew the only way I could get that sweater was to make it, so it had to be done! ;)

  1. THANKS A LOT!! you’re grate!!

    • Thank you so much Lia! I’m so glad you like it.

  2. Hi!
    I love this and am going to make it on a new short sleeve gray tee i have laying around… However, I do not have a fabrics marker. Do you think I could use a black sharpie? Thanks so much!
    xxx Madeline

    • Hi Madeline,
      Yes, I think a sharpie would work fine.

  3. Beautiful! My question is about washing, how does it hold up and do the beads stay on?

    • Thanks Cait!
      It’s a hand wash only, and the Jewel-it glue recommends that you wait 7-10 days before washing. I haven’t washed my owl sweater yet, but I have used the jewel-it before and it holds up really well. I would just recommend being very gentle when you wash it.

  4. This is fabulous! I too have mysteriously been drawn to owls lately. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I LOVE this. I too see owls everywhere. My son had an old sweatshirt that was too small and me being a thrifty mother of 4 can’t throw anything away decided to cut the neck off and draw an owl on it for my niece. She loves it. Your idea to use the beads would take my project up a notch. Thank you.

  6. I love this sweater!!! FAVORITE!

  7. This is such an amazing DIY project, must give it a try for sure! Thank you! :)))

  8. This looks great! I had seen the sweater before. Love yours!

  9. Awesome!!!! So stylish and so easy!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

  10. So cute!! It’s Autumn here in OZ so will definitely be trying this DIY out. Thank you!!

  11. Hi Cathy,

    I absolutely LOVE this jumper! Would you make me one….I would pay you of course!!!



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