I love a good flip flop upgrade! Don’t you? I was inspired to make these after seeing the ankle wrapped sandals from Chanel Spring/Summer 2015. This is a really simple project and would not only be perfect for summer but also for a beach wedding. See how I made these DIY Chanel Inspired Flip Flops.

Chanel Inspired Flip Flops by Trinkets in Bloom

Add a single crystal or many it’s up to you.


Chanel Inspired Flip Flops supplies
step 1
Unroll the whole spool of ribbon and cut the length of ribbon in half. This will give you 2 pieces that are 2.5 yds each.

Starting in the middle of your ribbon, fold the ribbon in half, you will be using it doubled.

Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your flip flop and press the middle of the ribbon to it.chanel-inspired-flip-flops-fold-glue

step 2
Working one side at a time, start wrapping your ribbon around the straps of your flip flops.Chanel Inspired Flip Flops wrapping

Add small dots of hot glue as you go to help keep the ribbon in place.

step 3
When you get to the end of one side make sure you end with your ribbon on the inside pointing toward the back of the shoe. Secure it to the end of the strap with hot glue.Chanel Inspired Flip Flops first side wrapped

Leave the length of ribbon.Chanel Inspired Flip Flops finished wrapping

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side and the other shoe.

step 4
Using Aleene’s Jewel-it glue, put a dot of this glue where you want your crystals to be.Chanel Inspired Flip Flops glue crystals

Press your crystals into the glue.Chanel Inspired Flip Flops letting glue dry

Let them dry.Chanel Inspired Flip Flops crystals

Wrap them around your ankles and tie with a bow!Chanel Inspired Flip Flops Photo by Trinkets in Bloom

A special thanks to the awesome people at Swarovski who sent me the crystals I used for these flip flops. I used the Buddha design and I love how they look with the ribbon.

Are you a flip flop lover? What’s your favorite way to embellish them? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. These look really cute. I’ll have to show them to my daughters. Thanks


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