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DIY Lace Choker with Fringe

Do you know what’s better than sweater weather? Choker season! Oh wait, you can wear a choker in any weather, but this one definitely has a fallish even at times slightly sinister feel. Get ready to make a fabulous DIY Lace Choker with Fringe!

DIY lace choker with fringe image

This is a redo of one of my favorite jewelry DIYs (you can see it here). It’s a super fun and quick DIY project that always looks amazing!

DIY lace choker with fringe image

Supply List:

  • Lace – long enough to go around your neck
  • Ribbon
  • Brooch 
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
Lace Choker with Fringe supplies

I love the patterns in lace. Feel free to cut away parts to create the shape you want. 

DIY lace choker with fringe cutting lace

I think the main reason I chose this lace was the fringe. I love it so much!

Cut two lengths of ribbon make sure they are long enough to tie in the back once they are sewn to your lace.

DIY lace choker with fringe cutting ribbons

Sew your ribbon to the ends of your lace.

DIY lace choker with fringe sewing ribbons

You can see in this detail that I folded the end of my ribbon over to give it a cleaner finish.

DIY lace choker with fringe sewing ribbons detail

All done! So simple!

DIY lace choker with fringe finished

With the first lace choker I made I added a brooch to the front of it. I was thinking about doing the same thing on this one, but ultimately I decided that it looked better without.

DIY lace choker with fringe considering adding brooches
DIY lace choker with fringe image

History of chokers

I love the history of chokers. We’ve seen them come back over and over throughout fashion history. A choker can be as simple as a ribbon tied around your neck. Or you can add beads, rhinestones, or anything you like to it.

Throughout history, women and some men have worn chokers for fashion and often for political statements. In the 18th century, women in England wore red ribbons around their necks to thumb their noses at the French. This was when the French were struggling through the French Revolution and using the guillotine for beheadings. (Which by the way was still in use until 1977, that still blows my mind!)


During the Victorian era, women were very much into adorning themselves. This included a lot of jewelry and yes, chokers! After Queen Victoria was Alexandra of Denmark and the wife of King Edward VII. Empress consort of India from 1901 to 1910, she was influenced and inspired by the Indian style and their jewelry. The chokers that she favored came to be known as “dog collars” because of their wide band.

In the late 1800’s it was very common for women to DIY their chokers. The style was a velvet ribbon with a brooch or pendant or whatever heirloom they may have had. 

Art Deco

In the 1920s, chokers were not as popular as they had once been. Now they had an Art Deco style to them. They were often full of jewels and sparkles. It makes sense that they would want jewelry to bring attention to the neck. Hairstyles had just gone shorter with the bob exposing the neck.


Of course, most of us remember the 1990’s grunge chokers. Velvet ribbons with some sort of charm or pendant on them. Fast forward to recent times and my daughter’s obsession with all things VSCO. Last year she had to have a cowrie shell choker. 

They say ‘those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.’ But I think it’s a little different with fashion. When we look at the history of fashion we get excited, or inspired by something from the past and revamp it with a modern twist. And I for one just love that!

My inspiration

After I made the first DIY lace choker, it definitely sent up my radar and anytime I saw some lace that caught my eye, I would wonder if it would make a great choker. Looking back at my own history I’m inspired to remake this lace choker with some cool new lace I just found. 

In fact, I wasn’t even planning to make this (or remake this), but when I saw this lace I knew I had to.

Have you made any chokers? I’d love to hear your inspiration and what you’ve made. Leave a comment and let me know!

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