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Make a Colorful Statement Necklace


I’m so glad statement necklaces are still around. I really love how easy they can be to wear, they can dress up a basic t-shirt and jeans or add more sophistication to a dress. This is a super easy project to make and inexpensive. I found my brightly colored cord at the hardware store, the necklace was on the sale racks and the nail polish I already had! I think all the materials cost less than $10, but the results look way more expensive. Let’s get started!

DIY Statement Necklace with Cord by Trinkets in Bloom

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Rhinestone necklace
  • Nail polish
  • Thick cord
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

step 1
Using your nail polish paint over some of the rhinestones on your necklace.DIY Statement Necklace with Cord by Trinkets in Bloom

Let dry.

Apply a second coat if necessary.DIY Statement Necklace with Cord by Trinkets in Bloom

step 2
Measure your cord along your necklace.

Cut it to fit where you want it.DIY Statement Necklace with Cord by Trinkets in Bloom

step 3
Using your lighter CAREFULLY melt the ends of your cord.DIY Statement Necklace with Cord by Trinkets in Bloom

This will keep it from fraying.

step 4
Use your needle and thread to sew your cord onto your necklace.DIY Statement Necklace with Cord by Trinkets in Bloom

Be sure to secure it well.STATEMENT-NECKLACE-W-CORD-PHOTO-4
This is a great necklace to wear for the holidays! With color and sparkle it’s perfect for your next get together with friends. I love how easily nail polish can transform clear stones into colorful pops of color. There are so many ways to make a necklace like this, you can easily stack more necklaces together or add some chains. This would be a fun necklace to make at a craft night party with your besties. If everyone brings their nail polish you’ll have lot’s of fun colors to choose from! There are a lot of possibilities.


  1. Hi, I keep thinking you haven’t had a blog post for a while so I finally looked you up. I hope everything is okay with you. Pat S

  2. Your really very creative. You see possibilities were most will see none. I love your site, thanks for sharing.


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