A few weeks ago, Lion Brand Yarns asked 11 bloggers to create a DIY project using their newest yarn, Bonbons. When I found out earlier this week that I had won, I seriously had to be scrapped off the ceiling!

Bonbons Yarn DIY Headband FeatureAfter finding out I had won, I had to sit on this information, until they announced the winner today on their blog and in their newsletter. (And Im not very good at keeping a secret!)

Im so thrilled to have my DIY project chosen. They chose winning project based on showing the versatility of Bonbons:

  • That with one pack you can create a simple project and still play with color.
  • This project can be recreated by all ages and all crafting skill levels.
  • The additional items used are also very easily found.

I had a lot of fun making this project. It was very quick to make and fun to do, I loved mixing up all the colors! This would make a great project for a DIY party. You could mix up the colors and share with friends.

I also wanted to share with you and revisit some of the other projects I made using Bonbons yarn:

Bonbons is a really fun yarn. It comes in three different qualities; 100% cotton, 100% acrylic and 100% acrylic with glitter. The tiny skeins are completely adorable and also very convenient for small craft projects and theyre perfect for young children who are learning to craft, knit, crochet, etc.

Thanks again to Lion Brand Yarns, I had so much fun playing with this yarn!

Be sure to check out Lion Brands website for more information on Bonbons and other great yarns and craft ideas!
You can also view my project on their site here!


  1. So HAPPY FOR U that you won this challenge!!! You are very creative and I love ur tutorials they are fabulous. Thank u, Cathy for sharing your creativity and your blog is really nice I like it very much.


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