Theres something so magical about this time of year. Fall brings thoughts of crisp weather, warm cozy sweaters, snuggling by a fire and the beautiful colors of changing leaves.

Fall Inspiration For DIY Fashion

Fall is here (officially tomorrow) and I couldnt be happier!

For fall’s DIY inspiration Im looking to fall fashions, more embellishments and elegant accessories. As the weather turns cooler, it frees us to add more accessories and textures to our wardrobes. Thankfully the designers have given us spectacular fall collections for great embellishments and of course, inspiration to make DIY projects!

Here’s the short list of things I’m looking forward to doing and DIYing this fall:

  1. Making or embellishing something with feathers.
  2. Trying out my new Screen it screen printing machine.
  3. Seriously decorating for Halloween.
  4. Resurrecting some classic fashion accessories (hat’s anyone?)
  5. Making something beautiful everyday.
  6. Weekend road trip to New England to see and photograph the changing leaves.
  7. Taking my daughter on a hay ride. (They still do that, don’t they?)
  8. Finish organizing my craft space.
  9. Posting DIY projects 3 times a week! (I promise!)
  10. Finding a way to wear more animals (plastic, embroidered and faux fur of course).

What’s on your list for fall?
Are there any projects you’d like to see me try? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Rev up your hot glue gun, dust off your needle and thread and find those pliers,
let’s get crafty!


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