Create your own pair of on trend jeans with this Printed Floral Jeans DIY with a step by step tutorial.

Floral printed jeans DIY

This season printed jeans are everywhere. Some of the best styles have a very faded, hand printed look and a tropical, floral feeling.

What youll need to make your floral printed jeans:

Floral printed jeans DIY Supplies

Step 1

Download and print out your stencil I recommend printing it on a heavy card stock, regular paper wont hold up under the fabric paint. I also printed two stencils and alternated them as I printed. This will keep them from wearing out too quickly.
Use an x-acto knife to carefully cut out the stencil. I also recommend using scissors to cut around the stencil, this will make it easier to see your placement.

Floral printed jeans DIY

Step 2

Lay out your jeans on a flat surface and decide how you’re going to place your stencil to create your design over the entire surface of the jeans. (Make sure to keep your stencil in the same direction, there is definitely a top and a bottom. If you don’t your pattern can get really messed up.)
Youll want to do this before you start stamping.

Floral printed jeans DIY
Step 3

Pour some of your fabric paint into a small bowl. A good idea right now is to test out your paint and stencil on some paper or scrap fabric to know how it will look before you start painting on your jeans.

Floral printed jeans DIY
Step 4

Place your stencil on the jeans and hold it firmly in place while you start to fill in the stencil with the sponge.

The paint will fade as you use it up on the sponge, this can create a really nice effect. I suggest you use that to your advantage and don’t try to keep the sponge full of paint. The thicker the paint on the jeans the stiffer it will be when it dries.

Floral printed jeans DIY

Step 5

Once you have painted the front of your jeans allow the paint to dry (usually a couple hours) before turning them over to paint the other side.
While your jeans are drying carefully wipe the excess paint off the stencil and set it out to dry as well.

Step 6

Once you have finished painting both sides you need to wait about 72 hours before wearing or washing your jeans. When you do wash them make sure you turn them inside out before putting them in the washer. This will help to keep the paint from fading.
Washing will also soften the paint.

Floral printed jeans DIY

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    • Thank you so much!
      Just take your time with the layout and it goes really easy.
      Let me know if you try it, I’d love to hear how it turns out.

  1. This is truly awesome. I have some white jeans that heave a few light stains on them so this is a perfect project. I’d like to know – what color did you use for the stenciling? Thanks!


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