A new take on an LBD, but this time its a Resist Dye LONG Black Dress DIY.

Create a sophisticated resist dye on a simple long black dress.

Resist Dye Long Black Dress DIY Feature 2


Supplies to make your Resist Dye Long Black Dress DIY:

  • 1 Long Black Dress
  • Bleach
  • Tulip brand Tie Dye Kit c/o (I Love To Create)
  • Rit Dye in at least 2 dark colors
  • Salt
  • Rubber gloves

Check out my Amazon shop for links to all supplies.

Resist Dye Long Black Dress DIY Supplies
step 1
Lay your dress out on a non-porous surface where you will be doing your bleaching and dying. I used my bathtub.

When you lay your dress out scrunch it up. I focused on one side.

step 2
Take your bleach and carefully pour it over the scrunched up side of your dress.

It can take awhile for the bleach to take the color out of your black dress. Be patient.

If it doesnt look like the bleach is removing enough of the color you can add some more.

But be careful adding too much bleach, you dont want to burn holes in the fabric.

Once youve bleached your dress to the color you want, rinse it out. Make sure you really get the bleach rinsed out.Resist Dye Long Black Dress DIY Bleaching

step 3
I first used the Tulip Tie Dye kit (the lovely Alexa at I Love To Create sent it to me) to add color to my dress. I really liked the turquoise color but the other colors didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted for this project, I know if I had been working with pure white they would have been perfect.

Follow the instructions for your tie dye bottles, this is a very easy way to dye your fabric. You have a lot more control using the bottles.

Using your bottles squirt your dye where you want it on your dress. You can really target the areas you want.

Let your dye sit and when it’s the color you want rinse it out completely.

step 4
If you want a more intense color, you can add Rit dye on top of first dyes.
Mix up your first color of your Rit dye.

Use the pot method for your dye, this will make your dye more concentrated.

Boil your water in a large pot. Add your whole packet of dye and if your dress is cotton add 1 cup of salt. Mix well.

step 4
Carefully pour your dye over part of your bleached out dress.

Keep your pot as close to your dress as possible when you do this to prevent splashing. Otherwise youll be covered in dye too.

Let the color sit.

If you have any color left over, dont throw it out, if you need more color later you can always add it.

step 5
While your first color is sitting on your dress, mix up your second color of dye.
Repeat step 3.

step 6
Leave your first color on your dress while you add your second color.

Dont put your second color right on top of your first color. Its ok to let them overlap, but if your put one on top of the other your colors will get muddy.

Let both colors sit for a few hours.

Remember that when you rinse your dress your dyed color will lighten, so the longer you let the color sit the darker your final color will be.Resist Dye Long Black Dress DIY Dying Process

step 7
After a couple hours you can test your color, by rinsing a small part of your dress in cold water.

When you like the way your color looks, rinse your dress in cold water and hang to dry or you can wash it in the washing machine on cold, just be sure to follow the instructions on the package and your dress for washing and drying.Resist Dye Long Black Dress DIY

I love the slightly bohemian look this resist dye creates on this simple black dress. When youre dying fabric the mixing of the colors can get quite beautiful, I love to see how the colors combine.

What are your favorite color combinations?


  1. I love this! i also appreciate you putting step by step instructions with pictures! It makes it so much easier to see what we will be coming up with the longer the dye sits!

  2. Did you use the Rit dye on this dress then? Love it, definitely giving it a go!


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