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Combine white and cobalt and you’ve got the perfect cool color combination for summer, this Cobalt Tie Dye Skirt DIY is all about staying cool when the sun’s out.

Blue and White Tie Dye Skirt DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Hop on over to i Love To Create to see the full DIY tutorial.

I love the patterns you can make with tie dye, even when you only use one color. While I do like multi color tie dyes I just know that a more simple color combo will get a lot more use in my wardrobe.Blue and White Tie Dye Skirt DIY Photo 5Blue and White Tie Dye Skirt DIY Photo 6 Close Up

You don’t have to stick to t-shirts for your tie dye. Grab most any garment, just make sure it’s 100% cotton or cotton linen blend. Stay away from rayon or polyester, it won’t dye well with this type of dye. I got my skirt here.Blue and White Tie Dye Skirt DIY Photo 4Blue and White Tie Dye Skirt DIY Photo 7 Close Up

White and cobalt blue is a big trend for summer, recreate this classic color combo for yourself with this simple DIY.

A behind the scenes pic with my assistant.Blue and White Tie Dye Skirt DIY Photo 3

This tutorial was created for i Love To Create you can see the full tutorial on their blog.

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