Sometimes all you want is a little understated sparkle and Crystal Embellished Jeans are just what you need!

Crystal Embellished Jeans by Trinkets in Bloom
We all love jeans, they’re comfortable, they go with everything but admit it, it’s time to change it up and go a little glam! Using Tulip’s Crystal Bond to attach them to your jeans makes it that much easier and super fast!


Crystal Embellished Jeans Supplies
step 1
Turn your jeans inside out.Crystal Embellished Jeans insideout

step 2
Using a piece of chalk mark where you want to put your crystals.

step 3
Put a dot of Tulip’s Crystal Bond on each of the marks that you made.

The Crystal Bond dries very quickly, so I recommend only doing a couple at a time.Crystal Embellished Jeans Adding Crystals

step 4
Add your crystals onto the dots of Crystal Bond and press them into the bond to hold.Crystal Embellished Jeans Design

Keep doing this for your entire pattern.

I recommend doing the fronts of both pant legs, make sure they’re dry, then flip them over and do the other side.

Let them dry for a few hours to make sure the crystals are secure.Crystal Embellished Jeans by Trinkets in Bloom

Having a cute pattern of crystals on the cuffs of your jeans is an unexpected twist on a wardrobe staple.

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions, tutorial and ideas are my own.

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