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Patched Denim Trend Inspiration

Deconstructed and Patched Denim Trend

Patched denim is a fun trend for fall that you definitely don’t want to miss, it’s easy to wear and looks best a bit dressed up. Whether you want to add patches or rip off your pockets, designers are showing many different versions of this trend for fall, the choice is yours.

DIY Holiday Roundup


Tis the season for cozy accessories and festive decorations. There’s still plenty of time to make something fun and fabulous for Christmas. Today I’ve rounded up a few DIY projects that are perfect for the holiday season. Grab your coffee and make your list, whether you’ve been naughty or nice you can always make something cute and sparkly for the holidays!
  1. DIY Christmas Stockings
  2. Gloves with Rings
  3. Faux Fur Clutch
  4. DIY Coffee Mugs
  5. Faux Fur Scarf
  6. 5 Minute DIY Bracelets
  7. Cap with Chains
  8. Tee with Chains
  9. Country Ornament

Headband Inspiration DIY

The quintessential hair accessory, headbands have been around pretty much as long as we’ve had hair. Today I thought I’d share a little headband inspiration with 7 Headband DIYS, just in case you were looking for something to update your do!

Headband Inspiration by Trinkets in Bloom
For a little headband inspiration I thought it would be fun to look at some classic examples of true headband chic!

Headbands are one of my personal favorites no matter how long or short my hair is, I reach for a headband to go to the gym, first thing in the morning, (to cover up the bedhead) and especially something cool or sparkly when I’m going out. A headband is the best way to add a bit of casual chic to your coif and update your do!

Here are 7 easy headband DIYS to make any do effortlessly chic!HEADBAND-INSPIRATION-DIYS-1

1. Beaded Bow Headband DIY

2. Spike Headband DIY

3. Satin Headband DIY

4. DIY Studded Turban

5. DIY Jeweled Headband

6. Wrapped Headband DIY

7. DIY Gold Hair Tie

Wide or thin, plain for fancy, we all love a good headband! Which one’s your favorite?

Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a whole holiday around dressing up and of course CANDY!!! So in honor of a truly great holiday I thought I’d share some Halloween inspired DIY projects to start the festivities for this month with some spooky fun.

Halloween Inspiration 2015 by Trinkets in Bloom

Around our house we’ve been talking and planning our costumes for more than a month already. With respect to my husband I hold off on any Halloween decorating until we’re actually in October. But after that it’s every ghoul for himself!

While this roundup is mostly about costume DIYs I’ve also thrown in some good spirited posts from the past (and I do mean the past, there’s a couple moldy oldies in here even one from my pre DIY days on the blog).

For me Halloween is so much more than just one day. The whole month of October is pretty awesome. The weather is getting cooler, the days are shorter, there’s pumpkin spice everything everywhere! (I have to admit I don’t really go crazy for all the pumpkin spiced everything (anymore 😉 ) but, I’m totally obsessed with the pumpkin pop tarts from Trader Joe’s! Total guilty pleasure! Don’t judge.) Did I mention “sweater weather”? LOL I think the one thing I really love is when people start putting up lights. In our neighborhood people really go crazy for Halloween, decorating their houses, putting up lights, the whole nine yards. It just seems to transform our mundane world into a wonderland that lasts through to the Christmas decorations and the end of the year. Maybe it’s just nostalgia from my childhood but I just LOVE it!

This month I’ll be sharing some fun NEW Halloween costume DIYS and inspiration to help you get spooky and have fun! In the meantime here are some projects to get you started.

DIY Kitty Ears Headband

Halloween Sunglasses DIY

Spider Loafers DIY

Halloween Nails

Toys in the Attic

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask DIY (in case you want to be Holly Golightly)

Day of the Dead Makeup

Witches Brew

Halloween Spiderweb DIY

What will you be for Halloween? Are there any costume ideas you’re looking for but can’t find, leave a comment and let me know.

Creative Upcycled Ideas

Looking for a new way to add fun decorative touches for your home or want to learn how to make your own tape? Look no further than these fun creative projects that are sure to add color and inspiration to your home.