I’ve been looking for a new agenda since probably around October, but none of them seemed right. So, the next best thing was to make a DIY Agenda for 2015.


One part agenda, one part sketchbook and one part notebook, this DIY Agenda is a great way for me to keep all my blogging notes, to do lists and calendar all in one place.2015-diy-agenda-cover-detail

As much as I’m on the computer you’d think I’d keep my calendar online but I really like to have something tangible and a bit old school.

I’ve always bought my agendas, last year I had one from Lilly Pulitzer, which I really liked. They’re full of paintings and stickers and the calendar pages are really useful. But I found myself looking at the paintings or illustrations in it and “wanting” to make my own, not making my own. I plan on making this agenda an art journal and a work in progress.2015-diy-agenda-front-page

I had some fun with making the cover a little three dimensional using foam sheets to cut out letters and numbers, then using 3D paint to create designs.2015-diy-agenda-foam-letters2015-diy-agenda-3D-letters2015-diy-agenda-3D-pages2015-diy-agenda-3D-detail2015-diy-agenda-cover-texture-detail

I used a sketchbook with multimedia paper so that I could paint in it without the paper getting too warped.2015-diy-agenda-cover-painting

I created sections for each month with a calendar and a place for each months goals.2015-diy-agenda-month-tabs2015-diy-agenda-january-22015-diy-agenda-january2015-diy-agenda-january-goals2015-diy-agenda-february

A section to keep blog notes and goals.2015-diy-agenda-blog-pages2015-diy-agenda-blog-tabs

A place for all my to do lists.2015-diy-agenda-bto-do-insp
Little reminders to use my time wisely and efficiently so that I can find a good work life balance.2015-diy-agenda-work-hard2015-diy-agenda-play-hard

As I go along I’ll keep painting and drawing in this book along with my notes. It will be a place for inspiration and creativity.

Do you use an actual agenda or do you keep everything on your computer? What works best for you?

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  1. Hello!!
    I was looking for an agenda the last weeks, all impersonal and borings. neither liked me, I had the intention of creating one but I did not know as. your idea me to happy, i go doing tomorrow one… Thank you very much for this post. I don’t understand very well the English, sorry for how I writing this. I loved this post

    • Thank you Yomel! I’m so glad this post inspired you. I’d love to see how yours turns out. :)
      Thanks again!

  2. That’s a great idea! I need something like that.


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