Embellish a fun swing dress with colorful rhinestones you paint yourself, in this DIY Rhinestone Swing Dress tutorial.

Rhinestone Swing Dress DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Rhinestone Swing Dress DIY Photo 1


DIY Rhinestone Swing Dress Supplies

step 1

Carefully paint each of the rhinestones in your necklace where you want your colors to be.DIY Rhinestone Swing Dress Painting by Trinkets in Bloom

Let the nail polish dry.

If necessary paint a 2nd coat.

Let dry.

DIY Rhinestone Swing Dress Painting Necklace

step 2

Layout your necklace on your dress and decide where you want to place it.

Cut off any extra from your necklace that you don’t want.DIY Rhinestone Swing Dress Cutting Necklace

You don’t want to sew your necklace all the way around, because this dress is a pullover, if you sew it all the way around the neck won’t stretch and you won’t be able to get it on. So leave some space for stretching.

step 3

Using your needle and thread, sew your necklace around the neckline of your dress.

DIY Rhinestone Swing Dress Sewing by Trinkets in Bloom

This dress tends to be very fitted across the shoulders, so when you order yours be sure to order a size up.

I received this dress courtesy of boohoo to customize in a fun DIY. This is such a fun style and I love the classic simplicity of it. That’s why I chose to make a simple neckline embellishment on it. By adding a bit of colorful sparkle to the neckline you can dress it up with heels or down with boots and a jean jacket.

Rhinestone Swing Dress DIY Photo 2

Colorful rhinestone embellishments are a huge trend for fall, jump on this trend without spending a fortune and have fun making it yourself!

Rhinestone Swing Dress DIY Close Up


  1. You are too awesome!! Your site has become my “DIY to do list”… I’m about to go check my closet for a dress to embellish now, I blame you ;-)


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