A few whimsical buttons and colorful laces make this silver Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet a fun way to celebrate the carefree days of summer.

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After seeing this necklace in TeenVogue by Organic Peroxide, I was inspired to make this colorful and fun charm bracelet. Using plastic laces to wrap around the chain is a fun and fresh way to add color and energy to a simple chain.Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet Inspiration


  • Large link chain
  • Jump rings
  • Closure
  • Plastic laces (2 colors) (I bought mine here)
  • Colorful plastic charms or buttons
  • Silver letter charms (mine are from Michaels)
  • Pliers
  • Glue

Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet Supplies
step 1
Cut your large link chain to fit your wrist measurement. Keeping in mind that your closure will add length to your bracelet.

step 2
Add your closures to each end of your chain.Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet Chain

step 3
Using your two colors of plastic lace together, wrap them around one side of your chain.

I wrapped twice through a link and then once, then twice, then once. This way the plastic laces didnt effect the shape of the chain.Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet Showing Wrapping

When you get to the end, wrap your laces and pull them back through the wrapped laces and pull tight.

You can add a drop of glue to keep them from sliding out.Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet Wrapping Finished

step 4
Depending on the type of charms or buttons youre using, attach them to your bracelet securely.

For my letter charms, I used jump rings and attached them on the opposite edge of my chain to the plastic laces, so they would dangle.

For the buttons I used; some had a shank on the back, those I attached with a jump ring to the front of my chain. I attached them across the links on the front of the chain.

The two round colorful charms just had flat backs so I used glue to attach them to the front of the chain.Candy Colored DIY Charm Bracelet Finished

As with any charm bracelet, the best part and the fun is in personalizing it. Pick your favorite colors of plastic laces and some cute charms you love and have fun with it!

I really love the bright colorful charms and buttons that make this a truly unique bracelet and if my daughter doesnt talk me out of it, it just might become one of my favorites!

What kind of charms would you add to your bracelet? Leave me a comment and let me know how yours turns out!


  1. I love the bright colors. Especially neon. DEFINITELY TRYING THIS! ❤


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