At some point in time everyone of us is faced with a boring boxy t-shirt and the need for something to wear. These Altered T-Shirt DIY projects all started out as that plain boxy t-shirt and with a few cuts, seams or embellishments they became cool, fashionable and much more wearable.

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14 Altered T-Shirt DIY's
In this post Ive put together 14 Altered T-Shirt projects that will hopefully inspire you and encourage you to get creative and try your hand at altering a t-shirt. There are projects ranging from a simple embellishment to completely changing the look and structure of the t-shirt.

Every one of these tops can be altered and crafted with your own taste and creativity. Have fun with them and make them your own.

Which one is your favorite? Have you made any of them? Please leave me a comment and let me know. I love to hear from you!

Have a great and crafty weekend!

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3 comments on “14 ALTERED T-SHIRT DIY’S

  1. Rita on

    Love the Summer T – Shirt dress, have not made one for summer but made one for fall/winter to wear with leggings or tights and boots…thanks for all the great idea’s – keep them coming…love it!!

  2. Dawn E on

    FABULOUS!!!!!! What great ideas. I made a dress with 2 T shirts but the style you did is brilliant!!!! And now I can make a second. They are really comfortable to wear :) keep the great ideas coming!!


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