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Inspired by the Lanvin word necklaces from fall, this Love T-Shirt DIY is perfect for Valentines Day.

DIY Love T-Shirt Feature by Trinkets in BloomWith delicate gold stitching in the background adding subtle detail and extra sparkle!

My inspiration and sketches to make this DIY Love T-shirt.


step 1
Layout your t-shirt on a flat surface and decide how you will cut your neck.

I used a flexible curve to help me get the right curve to cut my neckline.

Trace your curve with a pencil. When you are sure you have it the way you want it use your scissors to cut your neckline.

step 2
Thread your gold metallic thread through your sewing machine.

Using your sewing machine, carefully sew some swirls and curves onto your t-shirt.

You can do this freehand or lightly draw the shapes you want onto your t-shirt and follow those lines when sewing.

step 3
I drew the word love out on a piece of paper and then placed the piece of paper inside the t-shirt and traced it onto the shirt.

step 4
Use your sewing needle and your gold metallic thread to carefully and securely sew your gold cord onto your t-shirt, following your design.

The cord is a little stiff, so it is important to make sure you sew it on securely and firmly.

Continue sewing your gold cord onto your t-shirt until you have completed your word.

This is a project I made a few months ago for M & J Trimming’s Blogger Challenge, but I think it’s perfect and completely relevant right now with Valentine’s Day right around the coner. Be sure to share the love, not just on Valentine’s Day but everyday!


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