This week for ThursDIY we all have Easter and spring on the brain. So I thought it was fitting to label this weeks post Put a Bunny on it! Because well, why not? They’re cute, fuzzy and this time of year they’re usually covered in sugar!

Easter DIY Roundup by Trinkets in Bloom

Margot Potter starts us off with this adorable and tasty Peeps Easter Bouquet.Peeps Easter Bouquet by Margot Potter

I’m super excited for Stephenie, she’ll be teaching a class at CreativeLive on Intro to Mixed Media!Class Intro to Mixed Media with Stephenie Hamen

Because this time of year is all about the peeps! Here’s an old post that is still super relevant! Who doesn’t love a Peeptini!Peeptini Recipe by Trinkets in Bloom

Make these super cute Twinkling Flowers Hair Combs with Mark Montano.Twinkling Flowers Hair Combs by Mark Montano

Up your egg dying game with these Crackle Finish Easter Eggs by Cathie and Steve.Crackle Finish Easter Eggs by Cathie and Steve

Put all your eggs in this basket!Floral Easter Basket by Trinkets in Bloom

Margot Potter shares with us everything you need to make metal stamped jewelry.What you need to make metal stamped jewelry by Margot Potter

Make Mexican Tin Folk Art with Mark Montano.Mexican Tin Folk Art by Mark Montano

Don’t know what to do with all those leftover toilet paper rolls? Turn them into Party Poppers!Toilet Paper Roll Party Poppers by Stephenie Hamen

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