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Patched jeans are a big trend for Fall. This borrowed from the boys style can be seen everywhere these days and this DIY Patched Jeans project will show you how to easily transform your old ripped jeans into cute and fashionable patched jeans.

I recommend wearing them with cute heels,
a simple top and lots of big jewelry.

DIY Patched Jeans Feature


What youll need to make your DIY Patched Jeans:

  • 1 Pair of ripped jeans.
  • Extra denim from another pair of jeans (I used a couple pair for more shades of denim)
  • Grosgrain fabric in a stripe or other fabric you want to add
  • Pins
  • Needle and contrast color thread

Step 1
Lay your jeans out flat and measure your extra denim and fabric to make your patches.
You will need patches for the inside of your jeans where the holes are and more decorative patches for the outside.DIY Patched Jeans Tutorial

Step 2
Pin your patches on the inside of your jeans and using your needle and thread sew them on.
I used a black thread and made my stitches large and visible to really give it a hand patched look.

Step 3
Lay your jeans flat and place all your patches on your jeans, overlapping them and mixing up the denim and other fabrics.
Once you have all your patches where you want them, pin them to your jeans.
I folded all the edges over before pinning mine, you can leave raw edges if you prefer, it just depends on how you want your jeans to look.Patched Jeans DIY

Step 4
Again using your needle and thread sew your patches to your jeans.
I used large whip stitches, all around each patch, for this part to give it a more handmade look.DIY Patched Jeans Detail

You can really mix up your patches and put some vertical and some horizontal to give it a more haphazard look. You want these to look like you patched them yourself.
This is a really great way to improve your old ripped boyfriend jeans. These DIY Patched Jeans can really be dressed up or down. I recommend wearing them with cute heels, a simple top and lots of big jewelry. If youre going to borrow a style from the boys make sure to add your own feminine touch. A cute heel and a little sparkle will go a long way to keep you from looking like youve been cleaning house all day.

We took the photos for this post outside of the Broken Angel House in Brooklyn. Broken Angel is a very interesting building, the artistic creation of Artists Arthur and Cynthia Wood. This house was made famous by serving as a backdrop for the movie Dave Chappelle’s Block Party and has been compared to the Watts Towers in Los Angeles for it’s unique construction and cultural importance to the neighborhood.DIY Patched Jeans Broken Angel

Let me know how your DIY patched jeans turn out, I love to hear from you!


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