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5 years ago

This week for ThursDIY we all have Easter and spring on the brain. So I thought it was fitting to label this weeks post Put a Bunny on it! Because well, why not? They’re cute, fuzzy and this time of year they’re usually covered in sugar!

Easter DIY Roundup by Trinkets in Bloom


8 years ago

For as long as I can remember some of my fondest Easter basket memories have involved peeps (and reeses peanut butter eggs but not attaching with tooth picks to a wreath eww!)

So I really jumped at the chance to incorporate a brightly colored sugar bird with my holiday décor.

(But honestly its all I can do not to swipe one as I walk by.)

Peep Wreath DIY


8 years ago

The Peeptini, what can I say it had to be done.

Easter is right around the corner and this weekend I’ll be working on lots of great projects for Easter and for the upcoming week. I hope everyone has a great weekend and let me know what you’ll be working on. Get crafty!
See below the pic for my perfect Cosmopolitan recipe!

PeeptiniFor my Peeptini I made one of my favorite drinks the Cosmopolitan, but of course you can make any drink you like. The cute alligator napkins are from Lilly Pulitzer.

Here’s my recipe for the perfect Cosmopolitan:

2 oz. Vodka, plain or citron flavored
1 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. Cranberry juice
1/2 oz. Rose’s lime juice or you can use fresh lime juice
If you like, frost the rim of your chilled glass by moistening with a little cranberry juice, then dipping the rim into granulated sugar. Shake (never stir) all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Salut!
Have a great weekend!