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For as long as I can remember some of my fondest Easter basket memories have involved peeps (and reeses peanut butter eggs but not attaching with tooth picks to a wreath eww!)

So I really jumped at the chance to incorporate a brightly colored sugar bird with my holiday décor.

(But honestly its all I can do not to swipe one as I walk by.)

Peep Wreath DIY

What youll need to make your Peep Wreath:

  1. 6 Packages of Peeps (10 Peeps in each package)– I used one of each color
  2. Tooth picks
  3. 1 – 12 inch Styrofoam ring
  4. Ribbon
  5. Bow I used a Paper Poof

Peep Wreath DIY
Step 1
Pull all the Peeps apart. (Or have an assistant do it.)
Peep Wreath DIY
Step 2
Carefully push a tooth pick into the Styrofoam ring and then push a Peep onto the tooth pick. I added the Peeps by color to evenly distribute the colors.

Peep Wreath DIY
Peep Wreath DIY
Peep Wreath DIY
Peep Wreath DIY
Peep Wreath DIY
Peep Wreath DIY

Step 3

Add a bow of your choice. I made a tissue paper poof as seen in this previous DIY tutorial.
Peep Wreath DIY
Step 4
Add a ribbon at the top and tie a bow, this is how you will hang it.

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  1. That wreath is adaorble! You just reminded me I need to put Peeps on my shopping list. I know they make them for other holidays now but they still taste best at Easter!

  2. I have a dear friend who loves Peeps! She has been very ill, and now I know what to make her that will make her smile! Thank you!

  3. April 11, 2014 — I was wondering if leaving the peeps out for a day to dry a little before placing on the wreath would be better… also I was thinking of hot glue and toothpick so they wouldnt slide off.


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