An embellished tee is a must have and this DIY hand painted embellished T shirt is sure to shine whether you wear it with jeans or a skirt.

This Embellished T shirt has it all; hand painting, stitching, and beading!

Hand Painted DIY Embellished T Shirt Feature


Supplies for your Hand Painted Embellished T Shirt:

  • 1 T-Shirt
  • Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (I Love To Create)
  • Yarn (I used Bonbons 100% cotton from Lion Brand)
  • 1 Sharp yarn needle
  • A bunch of pearl beads
  • A bunch of small beads
  • Aleenes Jewel-it glue (I Love To Create)
  • Aleenes Fabric Fusion glue (I Love To Create)
  • Stencil
  • Fabric marker

DIY Embellished T-Shirt Supplies
Step 1
Make your flower stencil on a heavy paper or card stock. I just drew mine freehand, I didnt want it to be too perfect.

Using an x-acto knife, carefully cut it out.

Step 2
Lay your T-shirt out on a table and put a piece of cardboard or something stiff inside, just in case your paint or glue bleeds through.

Place your stencil on your shirt where you want your first flower to be and using your fabric paint, carefully paint just part of your flower.

It doesnt have to be perfect and in fact its better if it isnt. That will give it a more interesting, less manufactured look.

Paint as many stencil flowers as you want, using the same technique.Hand Painted DIY Embellished T-Shirt

Step 3
Take your pearls and lay them out around your flowers and trailing down the front of your shirt.

When your pearls are all where you want them, using your fabric marker, carefully put a dot where each one was.

This will be where you put your Jewel-it glue.

I just want to mention for a minute how much I love Aleenes Jewel-it glue. (And no, Im not getting paid to do it, unfortunately.) But this stuff is really amazing, especially on fabric. I used it on this T-shirt in a previous post, and I have worn this tee with my bag on my shoulder on top of the stones, carried my daughter and nothing budged. Im hooked, this stuff is seriously AWESOME! OK, back to the project.

Step 4
Place a small dot of your Jewel-it glue on each one of your marks.

Once you are done, place a pearl on top of each dot of glue and gently press it into the glue.

Youll need to let the glue sit for at least an hour before working on your shirt. This will give the glue time to set.

You can also sew each pearl on in addition to the glue, if youre concerned about them coming off. But, I find this glue to hold really well.DIY Embellished T-Shirt with Beads

Step 5
Once your glue is set you can take your yarn and your sharp needle and make some big stitches to outline your flowers.

I recommend using some fabric glue, I used Aleenes fabric fusion to hold the ends of my yarn. Since you dont have anywhere to tie your ends in, youll need to secure them.DIY Embellished T-Shirt with Stitching

Step 6
Take your Jewel-it glue and place a large drop of glue in the center of each flower.

Then take your small beads and place about 10 or 11 beads in your glue.

Be sure to let your shirt sit for a few hours or overnight before wearing.Hand Painted DIY Embellished T-Shirt with BeadsHand Painted DIY Embellished T-Shirt Close UpHand Painted DIY Embellished T-Shirt Photo

This was a really fun project. I love mixing up so many different techniques and embellishments; hand painting, sewing, adding beads. You can really add as many beads or flowers as you want.

There are so many fun stencil and stamping ideas, Im working on more for future projects, so stay tuned! Let me know if there are any youd like to see.

Tulip fabric paint and Aleenes Fabric Fusion courtesy of I Love To Create dot com.

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  1. That’s really cute. I like it a lot. ;)

  2. This is so beautiful, I must try it. Thank you for being such an inspiration for the less-creative of us :)

  3. Such a beautiful diy shirt, one of the best ones I’ve seen, so feminine and cute, thanks for sharing!

  4. Muito boa a dica, quero fazer uma camiseta com escrita e desenho, vou tentar.


  5. How well does the glue hold during washing?

    • Hi Kim,
      Yes, the Aleene’s Jewel-it holds up through washing but not the dryer. Or you can hand wash it. I’ve used this glue for a lot of projects and I love it because it holds so well.


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