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Beaded Sweater DIY

Looking for a fun sweater for fall? With some beads and cool lettering you can create an on trend Beaded Sweater DIY that will really rock!

Beaded Sweater DIY InspirationBeaded Embellished Sweater DIY tracingBeaded Embellished Sweater DIY by Trinkets in Bloom


Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY supplies

My inspiration for this sweater.Beaded Sweater DIY Inspiration

step 1
Print out your design, you can download the one I used here.

step 2
Lay your freezer paper over your design with the shiny/waxy side down.

Trace your design onto your freezer paper.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY tracing

step 3
Using your x-acto knife carefully cut out your design.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY cutting your stencil

step 4
Slide your cardboard inside your sweater and lay your sweater out flat.

step 5
Place your freezer paper stencil on top of your sweater (make sure it’s waxy side down).

step 6
Using a hot dry iron press your freezer paper onto your sweater.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY stencil without O

Keep your iron moving and press for 1-2 minutes.

I pressed my main design down first and then pressed in the center pieces to my “O”.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY ironed stencil

step 7
Start adding your glue inside your stencil right onto your sweater.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY adding glue

Completely fill in your design with your Jewel-it glue.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY glue with stencil

step 8
Once your design is filled in with glue, carefully peel off the freezer paper and you’ll have your design in glue on your sweater.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY glue after removing stencil

step 9
Start adding your beads.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY adding beads

I used a mix of small and medium sized beads. You can mix it up however you like.

Make sure you completely cover your glue with beads.

Once you have all your beads where you want them let it dry for a few hours.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY close up of finished beads

As the glue dries it will become clear.Beaded Embellished Sweater DIY by Trinkets in BloomBeaded Embellished Sweater DIY by Trinkets in BloomBeaded Embellished Sweater DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Leave me a comment and let me know how your sweater turns out.


  1. This idea is great! Gives a nice, elegant touch. I will definitely try it.

  2. Amazing. Simple and just beautiful! Can you please let me know what is is?

  3. Beautiful! How do you was this shirt?

  4. Hi, great diy. Now would I be able to do this same design using sequin fabric?

    • Hi Zaina,
      I guess it would depend on your sequin fabric. You could use the design to cut out your sequin fabric and attach the fabric to your sweater. I would just recommend that you look at the smaller parts of the design to make sure they will look the way you want using fabric instead of beads.
      Let me know how it turns out!

  5. What a great and simple idea! Any tips on washing? x

  6. Do you remember the name of the font?

  7. I love this idea!!! I was in hobby lobby looking at beads and got overwhelmed, lol. What type of beads did you use?


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