Need a quick Halloween costume? These Halloween Sunglasses DIY projects will show you two versions of fun and quick costume (well mask) ideas, you can make in minutes.

Halloween is the time to go crazy!
(Costume wise anyway.)

Halloween Sunglasses DIY Feature


Supplies to make your Halloween Sunglasses DIY:

  • 2 Pair of sunglasses (preferably cheap ones)
  • Pipe cleaners in black and assorted Halloween colors
  • Glow in the dark paint or just white paint
  • Large plastic stones
  • Hot glue

Halloween Sunglasses DIY Supplies


Halloween Sunglasses DIY Spider Photo
step 1
Take 4 black pipe cleaners and cut them in half. This will give you 8 short pipe cleaners.

step 2
Using your hot glue carefully glue 4 pipe cleaners to each side of your glasses. Be careful around the hinges, you dont want to glue them open or shut.

Just a precaution, be careful when hot gluing to your glasses that you dont melt the plastic on your glasses with the metal tip of your hot glue gun.

step 3
Trim the ends of each pipe cleaner to taper the ends.Halloween Sunglasses DIY Steps

step 4
Bend each pipe cleaner in a sort of zig zag shape, spreading them out to look like spider legs.Halloween Sunglasses DIY Spider Glasses

step 5
Take your glow in the dark paint or other paint and make scalloped pattern around the lens of your glasses.Halloween Sunglasses DIY Neon

I found this idea in a Martha Stewart Halloween magazine, you can see them here, its actually from a few years ago, but Ive been wanting to make them ever since.
She uses a paint marker and paints a spider web over the lenses of the sunglasses. You can do what ever works best for you.Halloween Sunglasses DIY Inspiration


Halloween Sunglasses DIY MG Photo
step 1
Take some of your large plastic stones and glue them across the top of your sunglasses.

Mix up your shapes and colors to give them a really crazy look

step 2
Take one of each color of pipe cleaners and cut them in half.

I used purple, orange, green and black.

Glue then to the back side of your sunglasses, spread them out a bit.Halloween Sunglasses DIY MG Steps

step 3
Bend your pipe cleaners into different shapes.

I wrapped some around a pencil to make spirals and some I bent into zig zag shapes.Halloween Sunglasses DIY Mardi GrasHalloween Sunglasses DIY Illustration

These Halloween Sunglasses DIYs are two really simple Halloween costume ideas for when you want to be in the spirit but either work or school wont let you go all out dressed up.

I really love the subtle chic of the spider web sunglasses. Can I say that, “subtle chic of the spider web sunglasses”? Oh well I did! And if any Halloween sunglasses can be subtly chic these definitely can.

The Mardi Gras Sunglasses are for those of you who really want a pop of color for Halloween. They remind me of something Elton John would have worn back in the70s. (If you dont know google him.)

Have fun making your Halloween Sunglasses and let me know how yours turn out.


  1. Lizzy Hernandez

    OMG These are super kool! Thank you so much for sharing this project!


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