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First Saturday in September Update

Witches Brew Recipe Illustration

Happy Saturday and Happy Labor Day Weekend!!! Here’s to a long weekend! It’s a great time to make something fun and now that’s it’s September the gloves are off and we can’t officially put a pumpkin on everything and start thinking about Halloween, right? Ok, don’t worry I won’t go crazy, but I think fall is probably my favorite time of year. While there haven’t been any pumpkins on the blog just yet, and just in case you missed it here’s a little recap of what happened this week on TIB, grab your coffee and check out the fun projects.

DIY Watch Strap Rhinestone Bracelet

Watch Strap Rhinestone Bracelet DIY Photo 1 by Trinkets in Bloom

DIY Lace Edged T-Shirt

DIY Lace Edged T-Shirt photo 5 by Trinkets in Bloom

Just in case you live somewhere that isn’t super hot right now here’s a great recipe for my mom’s Witches Brew.

If you’re looking for more DIY inspiration and also general fun stuff, follow me on Pinterest.

Also for anyone who’s looking to make something fun this weekend be sure to check out both Michael’s and JoAnn, they are both having some fabulous discounts this weekend! (No, I’m not getting paid to tell you this I just don’t want you to miss out.)

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and let me know what you make!


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