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Ok, so I have to admit that I feel like my obsession with Lilly Pulitzer is my very colorful dark side. While most days I wear some version or shade of black, I definitely have my stash of Lilly in my closet for those days when I just need color! So I’m super excited about the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target feature on Trinkets in Bloom

If you haven’t heard about their upcoming collaboration with Target well here’s your notice! I’m seriously excited about this collaboration. Ever since we moved to the Bay area I’ve been seriously Lilly deficient, (there are no stores in this area)! UGH! Yes, I know I can order online but it’s just not the same. If you’ve ever been in one of their stores you know how fun and colorful and fabulous they are. With each store hand painted by their team of print designers and artists, each store is unique and super fun to visit!

So mark your calendars for this Sunday, April 19th, when the Lilly for Target line launches. I made a wish list online and let me tell you I’m going to have to do some serious editing. I went a little crazy! I’m just dying over their items for the home and the girls clothes are super cute too! Check it out online here.

Check out this video to get inspired!

Are you a Lilly fan? What’s your favorite item from this collaboration?

This is not a sponsored post. I’m just really excited about this collaboration and wanted to share it with you.

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