Emerald Green is Pantones color of the year for 2013. Make this Emerald Braided Bracelet DIY as an easy way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe and your arm candy. Click here to make your own >

Emerald Braided Bracelet DIY www.trinketsinbloom.com


Supplies to make your Emerald Braided Bracelet DIY:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Heavy chain
  • Rhinestone cord
  • 2 jump rings
  • 1 Toggle closure
  • Needle
  • Pliers

Emerald Bracelet DIY Supplies
step 1
Measure your heavy chain around your wrist.

I cut mine about a half inch shorter than my wrist measurement. That way it doesnt dangle too much when you add your jump rings and closure.

Measure your rhinestone cord and cut it just shorter than your heavy chain.

step 2
Take your embroidery thread and measure out 12 lengths about 20 inches long.

If you want your braid to be thicker just add more strands of your embroidery thread.

Just make sure to add your threads in 3s so your braid stays even.

step 3
Leaving about 3 and half to 4 inches extra on your embroidery thread tie a knot in the end.

Use a piece of tape to secure the end of your embroidery thread to a table or if you can use a clip board or someone to hold it for you, thats even better.

step 4
Separate your embroidery thread into 3 equal sections and start braiding.

Continue braiding until your braid is the same length as your heavy chain.

Then tie a knot at the end of your braid, the same way you did at the beginning.Emerald Bracelet DIY Braiding

step 5
Take a long length of your embroidery thread (you will be using this to sew your chains and braid together) and separate the strands to only use 2.

Thread your needle.

step 6
Secure your thread by sewing through the knot at the end of your braid.

Then sew around each rhinestone by wrapping your thread around the rhinestone and through the braid to secure.

Do this for the entire length of your bracelet.

When you get to the end, secure your thread by weaving it back and forth through your braid or through the knot at the end.Emerald Bracelet DIY Adding Rhinestone Trim

step 7
Now you will sew your heavy chain on to your bracelet.

You will sew your chain on the same way you sewed the rhinestone cord by sewing through your braid across the rhinestone cord and around the first link in your chain.

Wrap through each link on your chain 2 to 3 times.

My rhinestones are very small so I sewed as above then ran my thread through the back side of my braid the length of 3 rhinestones. Then I sewed around and through the next link on my chain.

When you get to the end secure your thread.Emerald Bracelet DIY Sewing ChainEmerald Bracelet DIY Front & Back Views

step 8
Using your pliers add your jump rings and your closure to your heavy chain.Emerald Bracelet DIY Closures

step 9
Trim the ends of your embroidery thread.

I left mine about 3 inches long. I like the long tassels on this bracelet.

If you like you can also separate the threads on your tassels.

As promised in this post, here is my first of what Im sure will be many Emerald green DIYs.

The emerald green and gold in this bracelet are so pretty together and the long tassels make it stand out. This bracelet is already making me think of St. Patricks Day, this would be an easy way to wear your green.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. Gorgeous! I wanna try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is really a fantastic idea. i really love how you used a simple embroidery floss to enchance the colour :D

  3. I just made this with emerald thread and yellow rhinestones. = ) It turned out splendid. Thank you!

    • That’s so cool, that’s a beautiful combination!!! Thanks Danni!

  4. Nice! Really like how you styled the shot too :) am having SUCH a struggle taking photos for my diy tutorials om hapinesswherever.wordpress.com :(


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