We all love a great T Shirt and this Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY is the perfect T Shirt to wear with most everything.

Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Feature


Supplies youll need to make your Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY:

  • T Shirt – I got mine at Forever 21
  • Fabric paint – I like Tulip – its not so stiff
  • Glitter
  • Paintbrush
  • Fabric Marker – I Love To Create
  • Tape – optional
  • Paper, pencil and ruler- to draw your design

Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Supplies
step 1
Layout your t shirt and decide what you want your design to look like and where you want it to be on your shirt.

I used a large sheet of drawing paper and drew out my design actual size. You can use this as a template for your t shirt.

step 2
Once you have your design the way you want it, slide your paper inside your shirt.

Youll want to have a paper inside your t shirt no matter how you create your design to keep your paint from bleeding through.

When your paper is inside your t shirt you can tape it if you need to to keep it from sliding around.
Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Design
step 3
Using your fabric marker, trace your design onto your shirt.

I like using the fabric marker for this because it gives you a strong outline to work with if you are hand painting your design.

step 4
In a small bowl mix your fabric paint and some glitter.

I dont recommend putting too much glitter in with your paint. Put just enough to give it a bit of texture and a little sparkle.

My mixture is probably about a 2 to 1 paint to glitter.
Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Paint
step 5
With your paintbrush start painting your design.

When you are finished painting, while your paint is still wet, sprinkle more glitter on top. Then move your shirt around to get glitter over the whole area.

TIP: If your design is large and in sections like mine, I recommend painting the sections one by one and add the glitter section by section. If your paint dries the glitter wont stick to it.

Continue painting and adding glitter until your design is finished.
Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Painting
By using fabric paint you can definitely wash this, however I do recommend that you hand wash it because of the glitter on top. Otherwise you may lose all your glitter with the agitation in the wash.

Even though this is a really simple DIY I think this t shirt is going to become one of my favorites. I love the bold black and white graphic and it has just enough sparkle to make is special.

I was inspired to make this T Shirt DIY from all the graphic patterns in fashion for spring. I love the Marc Jacobs t shirt with the sequined stripes and also the Louis Vuitton checks for spring. I like changing it up a bit and adding your own twist to a design, to make it truly original.Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY InspirationStriped Glitter T Shirt DIY Photo 3Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Photo 2Striped Glitter T Shirt DIY Photo 1
The necklace in this post is from this DIY tutorial.

Leave me a comment and let me know how yours turns out.


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