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Hat Designs by Eiko Ishioka
The surrealist costume designer Eiko Ishioka is remembered for her breathtaking designs and attention to detail.

We are all familiar with her designs but perhaps not with her name.

Eiko Ishioka designed costumes for Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 film Dracula, she transformed Jennifer Lopez in The Cell and created the mesmerizing costumes for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics opening ceremony. These photographs are from her last project Mirror Mirror, a cinematic fairytale.
All photographs taken by Brigitte Lacombe via nowness.com
Costume Designs For Mirror Mirror

I love her attention to detail and use of textures to create these delicate masks. Following the outlandish styles from the 18th century she does a remarkable job of incorporating the humor and wit from that time.

Detail Of Costume By Eiko Ishioka

Costumes for Mirror Mirror by Eiko Ishioka

Eiko Ishioka truly raised the bar for costume designers and left a remarkable legacy. She will be missed.

All photographs taken by Brigitte Lacombe via nowness.com


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