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Sparkle is always a must for the holidays and this cozy Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY is the perfect cover up for chilly evenings or to add some cheer to your work attire.

Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY by Trinkets in Bloom
This is a simple “no sew” way to add sequins to any sweater or shirt. Let’s add some sparkle!

Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY Photo1


Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY Supplies
step 1
Put your sweater on and mark the center of your elbows with a pin.Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY Pinning

step 2
Draw an oval on a piece of paper. I made mine about 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY Pattern

Cut the oval out and trace around it with your chalk onto the sweater.Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY tracing pattern

step 3
Fill in the oval on your sweater with your Aleene’s Jewel-it glue.Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY fill section with Jewel-it glue

step 4
Cover the glue with sequins.Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY Sequins

You can either lay your sequins evenly on the glue or just pour them on and move them around where you want them. It’s up to you.

Just don’t get your sequins too thick or they won’t all stick and you’ll leave a trail of sequins wherever you go.

Do this for both sleeves.

Set your sweater somewhere that it can dry overnight without being disturbed.

This is a really simple no sew way to add sequins to your elbows or wherever you want them. The Jewel-it glue works really well for this type of project. I do recommend that you hand wash your project. After all you’re spending the time to make it, you want it to always look nice.Sweater with Sequin Elbows DIY Photo 2

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions, tutorial and concepts are my own.

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