It’s all about the details, turn a t-shirt dress into a cool fashion forward DIY Skull Tunic with Zippers with this simple t-shirt hack.

Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Tutorial by Trinkets in Bloom


Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Supplies
step 1
Follow the instructions on the applique to make sure you have the right side facing your dress.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Skull Transfer

Place the applique onto your dress and cover it with a thin towel or cloth.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Placing Transfer

Press firmly and keep the iron moving over your applique for a few minutes until the applique is fixed to the dress.

Peel away the backing to reveal the design.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Skull Transferred

Note: the lines on the applique will be thinner on your dress than they look in the package.

step 2
Measure your zippers next to your dress starting from the bottom of the dress.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Measuring Zipper

Put a pin in the seam where you want the zippers to end.

step 3
Using either your scissors or you seam ripper, open the side seams on your dress starting at the bottom hem.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Open Seam

step 4
Pin your zippers in place.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Pin Zipper

step 5
Using your sewing machine and a zipper foot, sew all the way around the zippers.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Sewn Zipper

Trim your threads.

I really like the subtle look of the black flocked applique on the black dress. It’s a very subtle detail that really makes your tunic unique.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Back Skull
The metal zippers add a touch of contrast and interest to a basic t-shirt dress. There you have it a quick and easy altered t-shirt that’s the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.Skull Tunic with Zippers DIY Zipper DetailSkull Tunic with Zippers DIY Tutorial

Leave me a comment and let me know how your’s turns out!



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