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Scarves are huge for Spring. Everywhere you look there are great scarves in bright colors. This video will give you some ideas on how to tie a scarf and wear different sizes and shapes of scarves for Spring.

If youre like me, its so easy to just grab the same scarf and tie it the same way (every day) as youre running out the door. Lets all make a pledge to change that before the fashion police come and take us away! Find some scarves in different shapes and try colors you normally wouldnt. Dont be afraid to go bright with colors and patterns. Lets jump into Spring with both feet and shake off the dull drab winter colors weve been wearing for months.


All the fashion magazines are featuring scarves right now and they really are a great accessory for Spring. So versatile, a large rectangle scarf can keep your neck warm when its chilly or work perfectly as a wrap for those cool evenings.

The “Twist Tie”.How To Tie A Scarf 1
The “Braid”.How To Tie A Scarf 2Why did I make the duck face? Why?How To Tie A Scarf 4

Scarves evoke such iconic images as Jackie O. in Capri or Grace Kelly riding down PCH in a convertible. We all like to indulge in a little fantasy from time to time and pretend that we too, are that chic. Clothing and accessories have an amazing way of transforming us and making us feel like all these things are possible. Something as simple as a scarf can add instant class and elegance to any outfit, even when the weather isnt co-operating.

I think I’ll call this one “The Stewardess”,How To Tie A Scarf 5…and this one “Pan Am”.How To Tie A Scarf 6
A brightly colored square scarf is a perfect accent to your outfit and also can be a cute tie for your hair. Tie it to your bag to have it ready when you need it. Maybe tie one around for wrist like in this DIY to get colorful and bold with your arm candy.

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”How To Tie A Scarf 7
The “Soho”.How To Tie A Scarf 8
“A day at the beach!”How To Tie A Scarf 9

Functional and pretty, scarves can keep you warm while adding whimsy and fun. Remember this DIY to add some colorful tassels to a long rectangular scarf, in some brighter colors it would be the perfect wrap for Spring.

Heres a short list of a few places where you can find fun colorful scarves for spring in solids and patterns (at every price point):

H & M
J. Crew
Kate Spade
Lilly Pulitzer
Urban Outfitters

You can also find some great patterned scarves at vintage stores, sometimes you can even get lucky and find vintage designer scarves from the sixties, seventies or eighties. These generally have great patterns and prints in loud colors which are perfect for Spring.

I hope this video inspires you to go bold with scarves and add bright colors and fun patterns to your wardrobe for Spring!

Leave me a comment and let me know whats your favorite way to wear a scarf.


  1. My normal way is to put in on in the morning, fuss with it, take it off by 10 a.m.

  2. This video is so great! I always fuss with scarves…then take them off because I’m never happy. Tried the “Twist tie” this morning with a floral scarf – so beautiful! I got compliments all day! Would never have done it without this fun video – thanks!

    • Thanks Crystal!
      I’m so glad this video was helpful!

  3. This video is great! I love that you showed the huge, square scarf – they can be intimidating!


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