I was recently chosen by Lion Brand Yarns to be one of fifteen bloggers to participate in a contest to create projects using their newest yarn “Bonbons”. For my first project Im using the 100% cotton for some cute and simple DIY bracelets.

DIY Bracelets in Bonbons Feature


Supplies to make your DIY Bracelets in Bonbons:

    • 1 Pack of Bonbons yarn by Lion Brand Yarns
    • 1 Chain
    • Small beads
    • Scissors
    • Pliers
    • 1 Button
    • 1 Beading needle
    • Glue

Check out my Amazon shop for links to all supplies.

DIY Bracelets in Bonbons Supplies

Step 1
Take one skein of yarn and measure out 5 strands double the length of your wrist circumference.
Be sure to loop your yarn over at the ends, dont cut each strand, youll need these loops for the closure.
Do this twice, so you have 2 lengths of yarn with 5 strands each.
Your chain will need to be about the same length as your yarn.
I recommend not cutting your chain until you are finished, that way you wont waste any.

Step 2
Start with your small beads, your beading needle and 1 section of your yarn.
Find an open end and thread your beads onto your yarn.
I used 20 beads, depending on the size of your wrist or how long you want to make your bracelet you may need more or less.

Step 3
Take your 2 sections of yarn and tie them together leaving a loop at the top that is large enough for your button to go through.

Step 4
With your yarn you just tied together, take your chain and your pliers and open the end link on your chain and attach it to a couple of the strands of yarn in the top knot.
Then tape your knot to your table and youre ready to start braiding.DIY Bracelets in Bonbons Tutorial

Step 5
Start your braid using the section of yarn without beads, then your chain and when you are ready to use the section of yarn with your beads, push one bead up so that it will be showing in the braid.
Continue braiding repeating this pattern until your bracelet is as long as you want it.

Step 6
When your braid is as long as you want it, add your button by sewing 2 loose ends of your yarn through the button holes, pull your yarn tight and tie.
Then tie your yarn together into a knot with your chain inside the knot. Pull your knot tight.
Cut your chain by using your pliers to open one of the links on your chain.
Place a small drop of glue on your knots to keep them from slipping.
Trim your yarn to about 1 inch, making a small tassel.How to Make DIY Bracelets in BonbonsDIY Bracelets in Bonbons Yarn

With 8 colors in each package of Bonbons you can make a lot of DIY bracelets for you and all your friends. Mix up the bead and yarn colors to make each one unique.DIY Bracelets in Bonbons by Lion Brand Yarns
Also shown in this picture are some DIY bracelets from a previous post, for more DIY bracelets check out these.
Not only is this Bonbons yarn unbelievably cute with these tiny skeins, but the quality is great. The 100% cotton I used for this project was really nice. The best part is they come in packs of 8 so you can have multiple colors to mix and match or get together with your friends and share. With 28yds in each tiny skein theyre perfect for small projects or to use for trims or accessories.

The deadline for this contest is next week, so youll be seeing me make quite a few projects that include Bonbons. Wish me luck!
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