Some shiny paillettes and ribbon make these DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes a fun and colorful alternative to a basic flip flop.

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DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Photo 1


  • 1 Pair of Flip Flops
  • At least 3 yards of ribbon
  • Paillettes (I used these, andthese from M&J Trimming)
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Supplies
step 1
Using your hot glue gun, put a small amount of hot glue at the outside base of your flip flop and attach the end of your ribbon to it.

Start wrapping your ribbon around the straps of your flip flops.

Wrap all the way around to the other side.

You can see how I wrapped the center in the photo below.

If you feel you need it you can add small amounts of hot glue as you go to hold your ribbon.

When you get to the end, use hot glue to secure your end before cutting your ribbon.

step 2
Glue one end of your ribbon on the underneath side of your straps and start wrapping your ribbon back and forth around the straps across the front to fill in the ‘V.

I recommend that you secure this ribbon every time you go around your straps, this will keep it from slipping when you add your paillettes.

TIP: Add your hot glue to the underneath side of your straps, when you are sewing it is very difficult to sew through the glue.DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Wrapping

step 3
I used three different types of paillettes, however many types you are using, you will want to lay yours out and decide on your pattern.

Start sewing at the point in the center and add your paillettes as you go up.

When you are finished be sure to tie off your end securely.DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Sewing Paillettes

When you are finished make your second flip flop exactly the same.DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Photo 3DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Photo 2DIY Flip Flops with Paillettes Photo

I love embellishing flip flops as you can tell from this post, this one and this one! These are really fun and shiny, and the paillettes are a perfect lightweight embellishment for summer flip flops.

Leave me a comment and let me know how your flip flops turn out!



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