These nails may not have hearts but they do have moons and whats more romantic than La Luna? This Valentine Nails DIY with moons is so simple and looks so chic!

Valentine Nails DIY Feature

When I was a little girl my grandmother would paint my nails and she would often “leave out the moons” as she called it. At the time I thought I thought it was a little weird and really didnt like it. So its a bit ironic that Im now doing a whole post on it.


What Youll Need for Valentine Nails with Moons:

  • Nail polish 2 colors – I used a gold and a hot pink
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Paper reinforcements

Valentine Nails DIY Supplies
step 1
Cut 5 of your paper reinforcements in half and set aside.Valentine Nails DIY Stencils

step 2
Using your base coat, paint your nails.

Let dry.

step 3
Start with your lighter color nail polish, I used a gold and paint all of your nails.

Let dry.Valentine Nails DIY Base Color

step 4
When your gold polish is dry, take the paper reinforcements you cut in half and put one half on each of your fingernails up by your cuticle.

Make sure that they are on and smooth, so that no polish will bleed under them.Valentine Nails DIY Shaping Moons

step 5
Using your darker nail polish color, I used a hot pink, paint your nails just up to and slightly over the paper reinforcements you put on your nails.

Let dry.

When this first coat is dry you can paint a second coat, if necessary.Valentine Nails DIY Painting Color

step 6
When your nails are completely dry, carefully peel off the paper reinforcements.

If you need to you can carefully touch up any spots where the paint bled under the paper reinforcements.

Let dry.

step 7
Paint all your nails with a top coat. Not only will this help your polish to stay on longer but, it will also help to smooth out the line between your two colors.Valentine Nails DIY

Theres a lot of room for variations here, you can mix up your favorite colors and even alternate colors.

I like using the paper reinforcements to help get a clean line for the moons. Ive usually had way too much coffee to paint such a straight line without help!

While this is definitely a new and improved version of grandmas manicure, Im sure she wouldve approved.

What are your favorite color combinations for your nails? Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. GENIAL!! thanks a lot again!!


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