Even though the temperature is rising, you don’t have to compromise comfort or style.

The lazy days of Summer are almost here. Whether you want to admit it or not you probably have at least one pair of flip-flops in your closet.

Beaded Flip Flops DIY While thankfully the whole trend of wearing them everywhere has passed (that’s so 2005!), but if you’re vacationing at the beach or just bumming around on the weekend you definitely need a fancy pair of flip flops to take your casual beach look up a notch and this DIY tutorial to make your own beaded flip flops, is just the way to do it.


To see step by step instructions and photos click here.


  1. 1 Pair of flip-flops
  2. 1 Spool ½ inch ribbon
  3. Lots of beads in assorted sizes
  4. Tiny seashells
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Needle and thread

DIY Beaded Summer Sandals
Step 1
Place a small amount of hot glue on the outside of the flip flop strap at the base and attach the end of your ribbon.Beaded Flip Flops How to

Step 2
Continue wrapping your ribbon around the straps on your flip-flops until they are completely covered. Add small amounts of hot glue to hold your ribbon as you go and secure the end when you are finished with hot glue as well.Ribbon Wrapped Flip Flops DIY

Step 3
Take your ribbon again and wrap it around and back and forth across the center "V" of your flip-flops to fill in.Flip Flops with Beads and Ribbon DIYBe careful not to make your "V" to high or if you really do want it to go higher, make sure you wrap it loosely otherwise it will be difficult to get your foot into.Ribbon Wrapped Sandals DIY

Step 4
You’re ready to start adding your beads.
Add your beads one at a time sewing them on, (I put a small drop of hot glue under all of the large and medium sized beads as well as the seashells before sewing them). I stitched through each bead 2 times before going on to the next bead.Beaded Summer Sandals DIYBeaded Flip Flop Sandal DIYBeaded Flip Flop Sandal

So whether you’re just hanging out at home or on vacation at some exotic beach (oh I wish!) you really need to elevate your foot wear with some beads and seashells. These beaded flip-flops bring to mind thoughts of Palm Beach, tans, and some serious relaxing. I don’t know about you but I am soooo ready for Summer.
I can’t wait to hear how your flip-flops turn out leave a comment below and let me know.


    • I want the pattern if you can send it to me please I love new Ideas and I will sen to my daughter as well

    • You can by strings of glass pearls at Michaels Craft Store for about a dollar. Same with the shells.

    • Thanks Vidhya,
      Michaels or JoAnns fabric are good places for beads. Sometimes you can also find great necklaces at Goodwill or other thrift stores, you can cut them up and use the beads.

    • You can get beads at Walmart…they have a pretty good selection of inexpensive beads that look expensive for this type of project.

  1. These are 2 cute! I will be featuring your DIY on my blog site tomorrow. I think these would be great for a bride using flip flops at her wedding. Nice job and thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Phyllis,
      Thank you so much! I agree, I think these would be great for a bride, perhaps for a beach wedding.
      Thanks for sharing my post.

  2. Do you think i could just use glue, and not sew it? thanks!

    • Hi Leah,
      Yeah, I’m sure you could. Just make sure your beads are really secure, since shoes get a lot of wear you just want to make sure your beads stay on. Good luck!

      • How do you sew beads on? Are there holes in them? Sorry, I’m not a crafty person.

        • There are holes in beads. You can see one in the example picture above that reads, “glue bead before sewing.” The hole goes right through the middle of the bead (like on necklaces and bracelets). To sew the bead on, you’ll need needle and thread. Tie a secure knot in the thread and secure it to the ribbon (sew it onto the ribbon). You can cover up the knot with beads. Spear a bead through its hole, and sew the thread through the ribbon again, pulling the bead flush with the ribbon. Sew through the bead a second time for added stability. Cathy also recommends you glue the bead onto the ribbon before sewing so that should help you stabilize the bead as well.

          When I’m working with beads, I like to keep them contained somehow (or else they’ll roll all over the place and I’ll lose a few). You can keep them altogether in any kind of lipped container–a bowl, a shoe box lid, a small lid of any sort–if the beads you have didn’t come in a container.

          I hope this helps.

        • Hi Jennifer,
          Holly explained it perfectly, they do have holes in them and most sewing needles are thin enough to easily pass through any beads you might use.
          If you have any other questions please ask, I promise to answer sooner. ;)

    • There’s lots of really tough craft glues available at JoAnn and Michaels. I wouldn’t use just Elmers or even hot glue for beads and shells. E6000 is a personal fave and what I’m planning to use on this project. =)

  3. Lovely. I liked it a lot. It’s super easy to make and Super stylish to wear.
    THANKS for sharing.

  4. these are so sweet, it just moved to the top of my crafting list:)

    • Thanks for this tutorial, i have some large beads and this is the preefct project for them! I found you through the Tag a long thursday blog hop and im a new follower! i’d love if you followed back!Juliannewww.sewfantastic.blogspot.com

  5. What a lovely idea! I’ll have to try this when I find some flip-flops on sale.

    • Old Navy is having their $1 flip flop sale this Saturday, June 28!

  6. Where’s your Pinterest button??? This is a cute idea for a bride, and I may end of making them for a bride next month @ their beach wedding. Thanks!!

  7. This is an absolutely amazing idea! I am totally doing this but with a slight twist. I am thinking more on the lines of black flip-flops & colorful crystal beads. What do you think?

    • Hi Sarah,
      I think black flip flops with colorful crystal beads would be gorgeous!
      Let me know how they turn out! Send me a picture!

  8. I made a pair of these and they are lovely! My thongs were really twisted (cheap shoes) so I didn’t do the little V over the toes, but they still turned out really well! I just used Tacky Glue from Joann’s and didn’t sew them; it worked but it took longer because I had to sit there and hold them until they dried. Since I didn’t sew them I don’t plan on wearing them everywhere, but whenever I do I get tons of compliments! Thanks for making such easy projects!

  9. Mrs.Notsocrafty

    Please explain how you did the V a little. Is it under and over sort of like a shoe lace? Or keep going wrapping like you did the strap?

    • I did it over and under, kind of like a figure 8 or a shoe lace ;).
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  10. I made these and I followed your directions. It took a little longer than expected but it was worth it. They are very cute and I plan on wearing them often. The only place that I deviated was that I used blue ribbon and flip flops instead of white. Also, I used larger seashells and put buttons on them. I thought this was pretty easy and the result was very cute. They seem very sturdy and it was a good way for me to practice my sewing. Thanks for putting this up!

  11. These are great do you sell them?

  12. I think someone has stolen your idea without giving you credit :( Boo! I hate that! I first found you on here http://www.popularpix.com/pic-77.html, but eventually tracked down your blog post after some google searching. Great tutorial and super cute results!

    • Hi Jenelle,
      Thanks for the info, unfortunately that happens a lot on the Internet. But I’m so glad you like my beaded flip flops and tracked me down! ;)

  13. I just made these, they are awesome! Thank you for the project idea!

    • Hi Lillie,
      Thank you so much!!!!

  14. Hello:) I absolutly love your step by step guide on how to achieve creating these. I am currently creating a Youtube channel based on D.I.Y projects. I would very much like to use your step by step guide on creating these shoes in my next video. Would that be alright with you?

    • Hi Khloe,
      I apologize for responding so late. Thank you so much for asking, I don’t mind you using my projects at all, as long as you give me credit and link back to Trinkets in Bloom. That’s totally fine.
      Thanks! I’m so glad you like them!!

  15. I thought this would be a fun little project for my daughter, step daugher and myself to do together. It was a bit complicated for them (they are 15 and neither of them had ever sewed before). Two of the pairs (mine and my step daughters) turned out great. My daughter gave up after one shoe then tried to hot glue the beads on the other shoe which didn’t turn out for her that well. Since there were three of us, it was a bit costly of a project since we needed to buy all the beads. We all picked out a different color flip flop and all three of us had different taste of beads. We figured after it was all said and done it cost about $20 per pair to make. I know this sounds like a negative comment and I don’t mean it to be. I absolutely LOVE the pair I made myself (i stuck with the white flip flop and used, pearls, turquoise beads, silver roses, and copper sea pearls). My step daughters came out the best. She bought black flip flops and used turquoise ribbon and her beads were turqoise, copper, black and white. She used the entire package of beads so they are really full. My daughter bought gray flip flops, silver ribbon and her beads were all pearls in different sizes of muted pastels. It kept us busy for a few hours so it was fun family girl time!! Thanks to pinterest I found your idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Joni,
      All your flip flops sound beautiful and it sounds like you had a lot of fun making them together!!! That’s the best part!
      Thank you so much for sharing this with me! And thanks to Pinterest that you found me!! ;)
      Take care,

  16. These are way to cute. After two foot surgerys I can’t wear flip flops long but my grand-daughters would love these. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I’m so excited about these flip-flops, I have all the supplies I need to make then, can’t wait till I’m done, and there on my feet!!! Thank you for the great Idea!!!

  18. thank you so much for sharing how you made these! what alovely project…!

    • Hi Marie Sierra,
      Thank you!!!

  19. I love all your diy flip flop projects! Both this and the pink tassel one are so cute and fun. Thanks for such a great tutorial :D

  20. Thanks so much – this was exactly what I was looking for. The criss crossed section rocks – what a great idea! Can’t wait to get started.


  21. i like your DIY so much !hope to see more !~xo xo

  22. Perhaps an addition of jeweled ribbon around the outside of the flipflop could offer more ‘fancy’ to the project…..

  23. I have all the supplies, I am making 12 pair! My girlfriends and I are in a fundraiser in April (I have myself plenty of time) to raise money for cancer. We have to wear matching tee-shirts, so I thought it would jazz it up with these flip flops. I went with black flip flop, cherry red polka dot ribbon and jewels. Hopefully they will be a georgous as yours, thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hi Suzy,
      That’s so amazing! I would love it if you’d send me pics when you’re finished and I can promote what you’re doing on facebook.
      Thank you!

  24. I liked your flip flop idea that I made my own bead flip flops too on my blog. I posted a link of your blog to my blog post. I hope you don’t mind if I linked your blog to my blog.
    have a great day! ~Melissa

    • Thanks Melissa!
      As long as you give credit and a link that’s always fine! Thanks for asking! :)

  25. me encantan y que ideas de verdad me quedo boca abierta. un saludo

  26. I am getting married August 17,2013. And I am making these for all the girls in my wedding. We all love them! What a very cute idea.

    • Congratulations Tracy!!!
      I’m so glad you like them!

  27. Being a cowgirl kind of girl I seldom wear flip flops but I thought these were so cute I wanted to make some. I used turquoise flip flops, bandana ribbon with turquoise stones, silver beads and little horse and cowboy hat buttons. They are so cute! Thought I might some more using red flip flops and blue denim material instead of ribbon. Also making some for my neice that is having a beach wedding.

  28. Dear trinketsinbloom-team,
    I wanted to ask you, is it ok, that I use your picture?
    I shared the link to, so the people can go to your side too.
    By this I mean, that they see the owner of the picture.


    If you don’t want it, please write back, and I will delete it immediately.
    I would be very happy to share your pictures and ideas!
    Oh yes, sorry for my bad english, I am german, so…
    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Mine,

      Thank you so much for asking me and for sharing! I appreciate that you only posted the feature photo and a link and not the entire tutorial. Yes, it’s fine. In the future if you want to share any other photos it’s fine if you post them this way with just the finished photo and a link.
      Thanks again!


  29. very nice thank you for share with us

  30. Regina Mae Pasia

    Hi, here in the Philippines we have this design your own flip flops as a summer activity for little children in one of the malls here. My daughter Chloe and I made too but we did it in the house. I love doing crafts and with your post and the other posts here in Pinterest gave me an idea of making use of the available resources plus buying a few other items. Thank you for sharing on how to do it right. Hope to see more posts from you. :)

  31. Hi, congratulations you are very clever. Could I please have the instructions/tutorial of your beaded sandals n the gladiator sandals..

    • Hello Nora,
      Thank you for asking. Yes, you can share it on your blog. I just ask that you don’t share the complete tutorial. You may show the finished photos with a link to my site for the tutorial. Please send me a link when it is live. Thanks!

  32. In cant wait to do this flip flop craft with my brownies class I really think girls will enjoy this fun craft and it is for theirself.

  33. What on earth does sew around mean, I’ve been trying to figure it out for the longest! Do you sew it through the ribbon or around the flip flop?

  34. I enjoyed making these beaded flip flops. Would love to post a pic.

  35. I would LOVE to make a pair of these for my daughter! At her wedding she looked like a princess with a beautiful tiara. She now has 2 daughters 4 an 2, but she is still alllll girl! I just have a quick question. BTW – THANKS so much for the detailed instructions and this great project! You are so talented!!!! Anyway, my question – do the seashells have holes in them, and oh, yeah – when sewing on the pearls, do you take the thread all the way down through the ribbon and then back up? What do you think about using mono filament thread (like fishing line) instead of regular thread? Could I use strong button hole thread? I knit, crochet, do plastic canvas and a little origami here and there, but not so much sewing. Although I am very patient when making projects. Thanks!!!! Susan Have a Blessed Day!

  36. Amazing, thanks so much. It was really useful… I will try it.. I didn’t know one could use ribbon to bead a slipper.. I am also a beader.. I have only used just needle and thread to bead. Never tried using a ribbon… Thank u so much..


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