The weather is heating up (finally!) so it’s time to get those tootsies ready for the beach with these fabulous Studded Plastic Canvas Bow Flip Flops DIY.

Bow Flip Flops DIY Feature by Trinkets in Bloom


  • Flip flops
  • Plastic canvas
  • 2 Metal studs
  • ½ inch ribbon
  • Hot glue

Bow Flip Flops DIY Supplies
step 1
Place a small amount of hot glue on the inside of the flip flop strap and attach the end of the ribbon, start wrapping the ribbon around the straps of the flip flops adding small amounts of hot glue to hold it.Bow Flip Flops DIY Adding Ribbon

For a more detailed instructions on wrapping your flip flops see this DIY.

Do this for both shoes.

step 2
Cut 2 thin strips of plastic canvas.

I cut mine 3 squares wide by 7 inches.

step 3
Fold the ends of the plastic canvas into the center to form the bow and secure with hot glue.Bow Flip Flops DIY Making the Bow

step 4
Glue a stud to the center of each bow.

step 5
Glue the bows to the center point of the flip flops.Bow Flip Flops DIY Photo

For a cute wedding inspired version of this flip flop you could add rhinestones to the center of the bows instead of studs.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!

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