Get ready to add A Dash of Color to your life with this weeks ThursDIY roundup! This week I’ve found 9 super fun projects to add color and style to your life and even some really cool new products and techniques! Let’s get started!

A Dash of Color ThursDIY roundup by Trinkets in Bloom

The ever creative Mark Montano shows us how to make these Magical Mosaic Boxes & Frames.Magical Mosaic Boxes and Frames by Mark Montano

The weather’s still warm and perfect for a No Sew, Tie Dyed, Twisted Back Tee like this one from Anne at Wobisobi.No Sew Tie Dyed Twisted Back Tee by Wobisobi

Megan of RadMegan shows us how to make Crayon Stained Glass Windows with this cool and colorful technique!Crayon Stained Glass Windows by Rad Megan

The super creative wine enthusiast, Pattiewack, at i Love To Create shares how she made these DIY Wine Bottle Wind Chimes!DIY Wine Bottle Wind Chimes by Pattiewack

How cool are these new markers from i Love To Create, PaintedbyMe markers for painting on ceramics. The uber talented Alisa Burke used them to make these adorable mugs.Blue China Inspired Mugs by Alisa Burke

Create a cool DIY Scrunch Tee with this simple DIY using fabric spray paint.scrunchy-tee-photo-1

Looking for a little extra embellishment for your “do” this fall? Make a Beaded Bow Headband DIY.beaded-bow-headband-closeup

Make an adorable Kid’s Whale Dresser with this fun tutorial by PLA Schneider.Kids Whale Dresser by PLA Schneider

Make some fabulous Sugar Skull Plates with this DIY by Mark Montano.Sugar Skull Plates DIY by Mark Montano

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