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Create cozy winter looks with Wolford Tights. For some reason when it gets cold or rainy I decide I want to wear skirts or dresses. Go figure! These tights from Wolford in their Winter Soft Logic will help to keep your legs warm without having to totally cover up.

Wolford Tights Worn 3 Ways by Trinkets in Bloom

I know Wolford tights tend to be a little more pricey than other tights, but I have to admit that these are worth it. They’re extremely comfortable, hold their shape really well and seem to be made to withstand a lot of wear. Right now they are having a sale online! These have a subtle rib to add some texture to your looks, they’re also super cute.

I styled mine 3 ways. My lifestyle tends to be pretty casual, working from home, running my daughter to school and classes, so I kept my looks realistic for me.

This first look is a throwback to my younger years and the grunge look. I have to admit I still like it. I’m wearing Wolford Winter Soft Logic Tights, (And a few DIYs, this skirt and this necklace.)Wolford Tights Grunge look by Trinkets in Bloom

Mixing it up with a leather jacket and a wedge boot. I’m wearing Wolford Winter Soft Logic Tights Wolford Tights with Leather jacket look by Trinkets in Bloom

Just in case I need to get a little more dressed, I’m wearing Wolford Winter Soft Logic Tights with a simple little black dress, faux fur jacket and frye boots. (And of course this DIY necklace.)Wolford Tights worn with faux fur

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions and ideas are my own.

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