Text is a hot trend in fashion right now, create your own with a more Parisian feel with this DIY Embroidered Sweater.

DIY Embroidered Sweater Feature by Trinkets in Bloom


  • Sweater
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Template – you can download this one
  • Fabric marker

DIY Embroidered Sweater Supplies
step 1
Create your word template or download this one. You’ll need to increase the size of the design about 200%, it should be about 10 inches wide.DIY Embroidered Sweater Design

step 2
Lay your template on top of your sweater to make sure your have it where you want it.

You can tape it down if you want to or just hold it down.

step 3
I poked holes with my needle and then followed through with my fabric marker to transfer the design to the sweater.DIY Embroidered Sweater Transferring Stencil

When you are finished you can draw on your sweater to make sure you can see your design.DIY Embroidered Sweater Transfered

step 4
Take your embroidery thread and your needle.

I worked with my embroidery thread doubled on my needle to give the design a thicker line.

Start sewing.DIY Embroidered Sweater Sewing

When you are finished hide your threads on the inside of your sweater by weaving them back and forth through your sewing.DIY Embroidered Sweater by Trinkets in Bloom

I really love how this sweater turned out. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot this season.DIY Embroidered Sweater by Trinkets in Bloom

Leave me a comment and let me know how your sweater turns out.DIY Embroidered Sweater by Trinkets in Bloom

Happy Friday!!!!!!DIY Embroidered Sweater by Trinkets in Bloom


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  1. What a nice project!!! May I ask about how long did it take to embroidery the name? THANKS :)

    • Thank you!
      It probably took about an hour.

  2. Nice DIY idea! Definitely going to try this very soon :) ❤

  3. Very cute idea! Will be trying after Christmas!! Or maybe even for Christmas presents!! COuld you please tell me if with the embroidery on it, the jumper is still machine washable?


    • Thanks Lauren,

      It would definitely depend on the sweater you use and make sure to tie in your ends really well. It should be fine machine washing as long as the sweater can be machine washed. I would still hang it to dry.


  4. Can you tell me the brand of your sweater? I tried zooming in and couldn’t see. It looks soft and also that it would fit well on a small frame (like mine.) Thanks so much!

  5. No stabilizer behind the stitching? For me that would make the embroidery that much easier.


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