Add some sparkle to studs with this Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY. Be edgy and sparkly all at the same time!

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY Feature by Trinkets in Bloom


  • 2 Pyramid Studs
  • Rhinestone chain
  • Earring posts and backs
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue
  • Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue Dots
  • Toothpick & foil or small dish (for glue)

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY Supplies
step 1

Make sure your pyramid studs have flat backs. You can either buy them this way or if you have the kind with the prongs you can fold them under as in the picture.

step 2

Add one glue dot to each of your earring posts.

You can just glue your studs to your earring posts, however the glue dots help to add a little more stability for your rhinestone cord.

Place the glue dot on your earring post and then peel the red sticker off when you are ready to add your stud.

Press your stud into your glue dot to secure it.

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY adding the Studs

step 3

Using your wire cutters, cut your rhinestone chain.

Based on the size of my rhinestone cord I cut 2 pieces 3 rhinestones long and 2 pieces 4 rhinestones long, for each earring.

Be sure to measure your rhinestone cord with your studs before cutting.

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY Cutting Rhinestone Chain

step 4

Place a small amount of glue on a piece of foil and using your toothpick add your glue to the side of your pyramid stud and press your rhinestone cord into the glue and let dry.

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY Preparing the Glue

I recommend adding your 2 smaller lengths of rhinestone cord first and then adding the longer pieces second to cover the ends.

Let the glue dry.

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY Adding Rhinestones

Repeat for the second earring.

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY Close Up

These earrings are super quick to make, you can definitely make a pair to wear to your next holiday party or to give as a gift.

Stud and Rhinestone Earrings DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Because they use such a small amount of rhinestone cord you can use your leftovers from other DIY’s or buy new and make several pairs for everyone on your gift list!

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    • Thanks Lia! Yes, these glue dots are awesome!!!!


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