Hey guys! Happy Saturday! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m actually working through the weekend to get more fun projects up on the blog next week. (Like those shoes I teased about on Instagram.) This past week I shared another fun project I made using ColorShot by Tulip, their newest fabric spray paint, that let’s you create super fun patterns with color in minutes. On Thursday we had a fun return to ThursDIY with 9 fabulous summertime DIYS. There’s something fun for everyone!

My daughter had her last day of 1st grade this week. I found this wall at her school where all the kids had put their handprints. It just looked so cool and there seemed to be so much energy with it. I love it!

I’ve been having so much fun making projects with ColorShot!ColorShot Shorts DIY 2nd color spraying

See what my ThursDIY friends and I have been up to!9 Summertime DIYS by Trinkets in Bloom

Have a great weekend and leave me a comment and let me know what you’ll be making this weekend!


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  1. Cathy, this week-end I am also working on the blog and I am preparing the DIY I will do the next week-end.
    ColorShot looks like an interesting spray paint. I am impressed how many fun DIYs you have done with it. I should try it too!
    BTW, do you know where I can buy a spray paint in black or dark gray? I went through the whole craft section on Amazon and found almost nothing. I am currently into graphical b&w patterns, and I wanted to experiment with the spray paint.
    Oh well :))
    thanks for sharing!

    Why Buy? DIY!


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