This is by far one of my favorite DIYs, altering a basic T-Shirt into a cute ruffle top, but this time I added a twist by making it into a girls summer dress. To make it even better I’ve added summer’s perfect design TIE DYE!

DIY Tie Dye Ruffle Dress by Trinkets in Bloom

Check out the full step by step tutorial at i Love To Create!

I love altering t-shirts into something completely different. They’re perfect to work with because you already have a basic garment shape to start with, plus they’re super inexpensive and dye really well!

I used the Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit in Moody Blues for this project. I love the cool blues and greens for summer!DIY Tie Dye Ruffle Dress photo 3

I have to admit that I’m trying to get more adventurous with my tie dye. This time I made the big spiral and it was way easier than I thought. I’ve dyed to so many garments, I don’t know why tie dye intimidates me. I think I’ll make this my goal for summer to conquer tie dye!

I was originally going to make this into a top for me, but when I was making it my daughter kept saying she wanted one just like it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was the perfect length for a little girls dress. If you want to see how to easily make this into a ruffle tube top for you click here.DIY Tie Dye Ruffle Dress photo

Unfortunately the day we decided to photograph this the weather took a dip, so I had to buy her with Jamba Juice and something from Daiso (the Japanese dollar store, her favorite store) to get her to model in flip flops and no sleeves.DIY Tie Dye Ruffle Dress photo 2

To see the full DIY tutorial click over to i Love To Create.

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