Mix metal stamping and colorful cord to make a cute Metal Stamped Bracelet DIY. Creating metal stamped jewelry is easier than you think with the right tools.

Metal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Feature by Trinkets in Bloom

I’m so excited to share these cool metal stamping tools and stamps from ImpressArt. Once I got over the fear of stamping (the hammer is pretty heavy and the stamps are really thin) it really isn’t that difficult. It does also depend on what you’re stamping into. These metal blanks are quite soft and perfect for making your own metal stamped jewelry.


Metal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Supplies
step 1
I found the best way to work is to tape your metal blanks to your stamp pad. This keeps them from shifting or scooting around when you’re stamping.

Also use the tape to make marks where you want your stamps to be.Metal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Taping

step 2
After stamping your words you can add designs.

step 3
When you’ve finished your design use some black acrylic paint and a paper towel and wipe the paint across your design. The paint will settle into the design, use your paper towel to clean off the excess.

This will help to define your design.Metal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Close Up

step 4
Cut your rat tail cord into two pieces and fold them in half.

Wrap one piece around each side of your ring, pull tight.

step 5
Thread both ends from one side through your hex nut.

Then thread the ends from the other side through the hex nut in the opposite direction.

Tie knots in all the ends.Metal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Finishing

Once you get the hang of stamping it’s really fun! I’ll be making a lot more fun DIY’s with metal stamping.Metal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY SamplesMetal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Photo FinishedMetal Stamped Believe Bracelet DIY Photo on Hammock

ImpressArt makes a great line of metal stamping tools. To see more of their products click through to their site here.

For more great metal stamping inspiration check out I Can Make Metal Stamped Jewelry.

Thank you to ImpressArt for sending me all these tools and stamps to work with.

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