Dip Dye the bottom of a skirt with this DIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt tutorial for a great update on a classic that will take you from summer to fall.

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DIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt Tutorial Photo Side View


  • 1 Pleated skirt (I bought mine at Uniqlo)
  • Rit dye (I used black)
  • Salt – 1 cup

Dip Dye Pleated Skirt DIY Supplies
step 1
Prepare your area where you will be dying your skirt.

I used a sink, you can also use a large pot or plastic container. Make sure the area all around your sink is clear in case any dye splashes, you dont want to dye everything!

step 2
Fill your sink or large pot with the hottest tap water you can. I filled my sink up about half way.

Pour in your packet of dye and mix well.

Pour in one cup of salt and mix well.

step 3
Find a way to hold just the part you want of your skirt in the sink, you dont want to be holding it with your hands because youll need to leave it there for a couple hours or more.

There is a cupboard with a handle above the sink I used, so I used stacking hangers to give me the length to hold my skirt in place. (Get creative and use what works best for you and your space.)

I put about the bottom 3 inches in my dye bath.DIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt Hanging Ideas

step 4
Leave your skirt to sit in the dye bath for a couple hours. Mine actually sat for about 3 hours.

With a dark color like black you want to make sure the dye stays and makes a strong dark color, so the longer you leave it the better.

When in doubt check the directions on the package.DIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt DyingDIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt Tutorial Photo Close UpDIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt Tutorial Photo Back View 2DIY Dip Dyed Pleated Skirt Tutorial Photo

Im such a sucker for a pleated skirt! Maybe I always wanted a school uniform, maybe its the way they can be extra preppy or punk and edgy. Either way I love them and Im sure Ill be wearing them long past the age when I should, if you worry about that stuff!

This DIY is super simple since you dont even have to make your skirt. Dye one you already have or run dont walk to Uniqlo (or go online) these skirts are on sale for $10 right now and the quality is very good! (No lie, and theyre not paying me either! I bought my own skirt!) ;)

The best part about this skirt is that I wont have to put it away when the weather cools. It will be so cute with tights and a sweater this fall! Cute skirt for less than $15!?!? Its awesome!

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know how your skirt turns out or how youll be wearing it!
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