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DIY Tee with Chains

The weekend is finally here! (Cue the confetti cannons!) Today, I thought I’d share a different way to embellish a t-shirt by using chains to create a cool outline design. Grab a tee, some lightweight chains, and get the free downloadable design below to make your own edgy DIY Tee with Chains!

DIY Tee with Chains by Trinkets in BloomTee with Chains chalk templateDIY Tee with Chains by Trinkets in Bloom


DIY Tee with Chains supplies
step 1
Download and print out your design.Tee with Chains diamond template

step 2
Tape your pattern in place on your t-shirt.

Use a pencil to poke holes in your design where you will sew it.DIY Tee with Chains piercing the template

Press through those holes with your chalk to make a mark so you know where to sew.Tee with Chains chalk templateTee with Chains chalk dots

step 3
I started at the bottom point of my diamond.

Sew the end of your chain securely to your t-shirt.DIY Tee with Chains sewing

step 4
As you move up to your next point of attachment, smooth your chain. You don’t want to pull your chain tight or it will pull your t-shirt when you wear it, but don’t let it droop too much either.DIY Tee with Chains sewing

step 5
Keep sewing each point around the outside of your design.DIY Tee with Chains sewing outline

When you start working on the inside design, cut your chain to fit your design, sewing your chain at the ends.DIY Tee with Chains sewingDIY Tee with Chains sewingtee-with-chains-finished

Make sure you secure your chain as you’re sewing to make sure it doesn’t come undone.DIY Tee with Chains by Trinkets in BloomDIY Tee with Chains by Trinkets in BloomDIY Tee with Chains by Trinkets in Bloom

A really cool thing about this t-shirt is that the design is really subtle and you can dress it up or down. It’s the perfect little black tee (LBT) to wear under a jacket. With the chains you don’t need a necklace just focus on your earrings or some cool bracelets and you’re ready to rock it!

What are you making this weekend? Maybe a T-Shirt with Chains? Leave a comment and share what you’re up to!


  1. This is super cute and so inspirational!!! I would like that chain on a tee in many other ways too!
    Amazing project!

    • Thank you so much Ntina! I agree there are so many cool ways you could use the chain on a tee.


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